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rotate view

by samanthachrapko

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rotate view

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I cant figure out how to rotate the view of the sims 4

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Re: rotate view

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This is the anthem forum page. This is the link to the sims 4 forum page:


This forum should help you solve your issue. Search for your issue or scroll through to find an issue similar to yours.


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Re: rotate view

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Hold right mouse button down and drag or use . and ,

To rotate an item you are holding in build mode hold ALT down while doing the above.

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Re: rotate view

@samanthachrapko your post was moved I see, just want to let you know it moved over here. 

Other to what jpkarlsen suggested, you can also turn on the Sims 3 mouse in the option (esc -> options). Maybe you can work a bit better with that. 


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