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Re: reset lot???

by Player_jp5s5eav

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reset lot???

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is there any way to reset a glitchy lot? i built a new home for my sims and ever since they moved in, i've had issue after issue. they get stuck in the bathroom when nothing is in their way, go to school but don't ever actually go unless i manually click go to school, they place toddler tablets in the wall, etc. is there any way to fix this?

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Re: reset lot???

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A lot of your problems are actually not glitches and one of them I believe is a bug that people have complained of. The bathroom thing is the bug. The best fix most people have managed is simply replacing the door with a cheap one. The go to school can be an absolute pain. Usually you have to send your sim kids to school by command. Even then, they may cancel the action out, or they go, but come right back home a second later and you have to send them again. It has always been like that. Kids wanting to play hooky? As for the toddler Wabbit Tablets, is it really in the wall or is it on a half wall? Either way, Wabbit Tablets have always worked like this: toddler uses it, gets bored, places it on a surface. It never goes into the toddler's inventory and they will place them on half walls, shelves, tables and the like.


Though, if that Wabbit Tablet is constantly being placed in a wall... that is quite a glitch and would lead me to wonder if you are using mods or not. 'Cause that sounds like something an outdated mod might cause.

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