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nifty knitting clothes no show

by unicorn_vdb26

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nifty knitting clothes no show

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Dear ea


i really like the nifty knitting pack but i have little problem that i can't unlock any clothes ??

it says i have when i look for a new piece clothing to knit but i can't find them in create a sims or plan outfits ???

i would like to see the clothes I've knitted for my sims. how can i fix this ??

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Re: nifty knitting clothes no show

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@unicorn_vdb26 There really is only one way to view the new clothes and that is to start knitting. As soon as your Sim reaches a higher skill level in knitting then you will see more examples.

Most of these clothes will have a lock on it until you have finished knitting. After that you will have the possibility to give it away, wear it or to put it in your Sims wardrobe. The last option will add these clothes to the CAS outfits for all your Sims in that household.
Have fun playing 😉
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