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happy christmas.

by unseenlarks

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Re: happy christmas.


Happy New year to you all :D

Happy Gaming


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Re: happy christmas.

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and to you, @crinrict!
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Re: happy christmas.


@unseenlarks, thanks for the details on what you did for New Years!  You had me at "olives"!!! Heart  My mom is of Italian descent so the caprese salad and olives is right up our alley! Party hat (Lemon/Vodka drink sounds good too! )  You are fortunate to be able to be with your sister for New Years and to be in THE city people usually think of when they think of New Year's Eve!  Wow!  Raised eyebrowParty hat


Yes, Sims 4 related resolutions are always good resolutions! Angel  Plus, these resolutions we are more likely to actually keep! LOL :eahigh_file:

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Re: happy christmas.

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@PugLove888, my father is of Italian descent as well! and i don't know about the city, but it was a nice time.
and then we went to the beach for 5 days, so that was pretty cool, too. =)
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