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dog with fleas will not go away after vet?

by briana081100

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dog with fleas will not go away after vet?

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(reposting because im not sure if i posted in the correct section.) 


help! i cant seem to get rid of the fleas (looks like repugnitis) that my Sims dog has. I took him to the vet, gave him wellness treats, debugged, removed all of my mods, cleared the cache, even uninstalled and reinstalled origin and it still will not go away. additionally, the shower/tub combo that they have will not stop being dirty. (not sure if these two are related). when they go to clean it, they start to clean it and then stop. when i right-click on it and click "make clean" nothing happens. how do i solve this? :-( 

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Re: dog with fleas will not go away after vet?

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@briana081100 I think the Shower/Tub Combos not cleaning properly is still a current bug. Here is the Bug Report on that one:


There is a mod that will fix this problem or you could try a cleaning spell if you have Realm of Magic. You can find the mod in Little Ms Sam's Random Bug Fixes (ShowerTub Cleaning Fix) if you are interested in trying that.


I think the problem with sick pets not being fully cured when visiting a Vet, with no further treatment options available, is also current bug but I can't find a bug report for that one. I know this has happened in my game before-- cat gets sick, cat goes to vet but is still sick after the visit, there are no further options in the game to treat the cat. Some people just save their pet to their Library and use that to replace their pet in their game. There is a Little Ms Sam mod to fix this as well, it's called "No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & Dogs (NPCs)". This mod has an interaction called "Treat Pet" that should fully heal your pet if it did not get fully healed after visiting a Vet or after using a Wellness Treat.


I don't usually like to recommend using mods to fix things like this because I know many players prefer not to use them and console players can't use them at all, but sometimes they are the only option other than replacing your shower/tub combo or replacing your pet.


Good luck, I hope this helps :D

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