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changing relationships

by laurenpug

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changing relationships

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I didn't know in sims that you could change the relationship from roommate to whatever. I have already made my sims but just saw that I can change the relationships but I cant do that because you cant change after the sims have been created. is their a way of changing the relationships through already exsisting characters?

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Re: changing relationships


You can do so by using cheats or mods. Here is an example of a cheat that changes relation ship to married:


Press CTRL-SHIFT-C to open the console.
You will need these commands:
testingcheats true
Sims.get_sim_id_by_name {firstname} {lastname} for both Sims. Only the numerical part is needed.
relationship.add_bit {FirstsimID} {targetsimID} family_husband_wife


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