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change language

by nadahedhli

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change language

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I live in Russia but i'm from France yesterday i bought the sims 4 online through Origin but the problem is that there's only russian language or polsky!! and i don't understand both languages. can someone tell me how to chage the language to english or frensh or how to return the game and buy another version where there's more language options.

thank you.

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Re: change language

@nadahedhli  The only languages available in the version available in your current location are Russian, Polish, and Czech.  To get a different version, you'd need to either buy it while in a location that offers the global version, or you'd need to buy it from a physical store in one of those locations.  You might also be able to find a digital code for the global version from an authorized third-party seller, but be careful to read the fine print.  Here's a list of authorized sellers:


Since you only just bought the game, you may still be able to get a refund for your current version.


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