cats & dogs

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cats & dogs

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make it for 32 bits Os please....


why make the entire game for xp sp3 ??? 32 bits

but this that would be the MOST popular dlc only in 64 bits -.-??????


talk about inconsidered....


a whopping 7 a 8% are still using XP

only about 2 to 3% are using mac.....

according to these charts and we all now they are always lower than reality....


so why is mac supported and XP isn't ?

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Re: cats & dogs


XP is really outdated with no future while mac still has one.


I do not know why it was made XP compatible in the first place (and it's not, really) but yeah, don't think that's ever going to happen.

Good Luck


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Re: cats & dogs

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xp is still the third most used O.S in the world, companies even still use either Xp or mac.


the whole reason sims 4 has an Xp compatibility is because EA saw their game die, due to sims 3 not having one....

it was too heavy.


that 7 to 8% is most likely closer to 35 to 40% as disturbing as it sounds.


upgrading their systems cost money and time, which most companies have not or wish not to spend, in private a new laptop or computer easily costs 2000 bucks, and than i'm talking about the cheapest one.

its heavily underrated as to how many still use XP.


frankly i don't see future in mac, never did and never will, even the iphone franchise is diminishing, don't forget , you can get samsung or sony for cheaper, and better functionality.

apple = scam nothing but high cost and no quality.

it doesn't surprise me not many people have mac, to be honest around me i only know of 1 guy using a macbook  and thats mainly for work O.o the rest has either O.S XP, 7 or 10.


even if xp has no future, xp is still currently used alot, so unless the economy improves, there will still be billions of people using xp.

just note that 7 a 8% out of 7.6 billion people is still 53200000 people using xp, whereas experts actually estimate that 2 billion people in the least are still using xp.



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Re: cats & dogs

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Hi @8caidoz8


Mostly it's moved over to Win 10 now, I know I have...


Various probable Reasons:


Quote from Web / Windows:  Microsoft has shipped its final update for Windows XP, which means all the new security holes will not be patched. Nobody knows what will happen next, but malware writers are expected to target the remaining machines. If you are still running Windows XP, it would be a good idea to make it as secure as possible.

Apr 11, 2014


Jul 24, 2017 - Now Windows 10 is at 13 percent, while XP has slipped to 11 percent ... Windows 10 has long overtaken XP (27 percent versus seven percent) ...


"See: How to install Windows 10. One of the first reasons you should upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 10 is that you're running an operating system which is no longer supported by Microsoft. One of the main issues here is the lack of security then so a decent reason to upgrade to Windows 10.Aug 13, 2015"


Hope this helps.


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Re: cats & dogs

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hey sashas0nic


maybe but these charts aren't 100% acurrate and we still are talking about millions if not billions of people, that might now be duped by ea, we are talking about the pets dlc which is the most popular together with toddlers.

i just think its a weird move by ea O.o, to make the entire game xp compatible except for cats & dogs.....


maybe they want the sims 3 wave of complains all over again??? XD

the holidays are coming, they kinda timed this bad.


just because microsoft drops support for xp doesn't mean its less secure.

i actually had my pc win 10 OS but it just ran too slow.

so i set it back to xp.

and even if you would have win 10, other functions would still not be available or functioning properly due to outdated hardware.


and the fact still remains that xp is the third most used OS.

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Re: cats & dogs

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Hi @8caidoz8 


At any rate I'm sure there would be a valid reason for not having XP with Cats and Dogs.


Nope, my game and computer runs fine with Windows 10 there is no missing functions etc, and runs pretty fast also.  Any 'stats' will show windows 10 and xp at different 'popularity', albeit; I still believe it would be based on a technical issue.




nb: Computer and 'speed' is often more to do with your computer's stats, efficiency and memory etc than the os you use.

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