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Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

by Phantomlover1717

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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- New stories: It's been a while since we have no new stories in the game and new features. This has been a little repetitive.

- Skills: I want to practice painting, gardening or fixing a broken car. Skills should influence gameplay like being able to sell plant pots, use plants in food and sell paintings.

- New work lots: Journalist, painter, policeman. Spread new places around the neighborhood.

- Apartments: In the districts there are some decorative apartments. It would be nice if any were a habitable lots.

- NPCs & others: Return of death, thief and lack of hot water and electricity if you don't pay bills.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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being able to purchase either by simcash, tickets, or STS leftovers .... being able to get the items missed from prior events/packages/freebies from FIREMONKEY.

there are LOTS of us who have missed gifts n events/careers prizes who would love to get the items from hairstyles... house items... or career events ....even the heirlooms some of us have missed

think everyone should seriously be happy to get items missed ... JUST BRING EM ALL BACK ...ALL MISSED ITEMS PLEASE 


PETS would be a nice switch from exotic to everyday cats/dogs 


Tattoos and piercings clothing...hairstyles 


Sec floor ...basements ...


ways to delete old relationships ... new bosses that retire freely n on their own ... I know I’m not alone when I say we are tired of seeing old n frumpy slumped over sims 


new faces n features when “MAKING A SIM” 

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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To be able to SELL all the stuff in inventory! Really, it's very annoying to not be able to get a little back, when you've spent so much on this stuff that is just taking up space! And yes, there are so many great suggestions in this thread. I was also wondering why I can't play my toddler and why she can't use her toys or anything - so it's all just for show?! Raised eyebrow

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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I am well pleased with the updates the Sims Mobile has given us so far, but there are a few more things I'd like to see. For instance...

1. Pregnancy. It's just a little weird have babies poof into existence. Adoption I suppose can get away with it, but for families? No. 

2. Sim needs. It would give a more survival aspect to the game. 

3.  More landscaping options. I need more trees in my life. But please don't make them cost an arm and a leg. 

4. Less expensive stuff...please! I'm broke enough as it is. 

5. A way to save my builds. And I would love to be able to share these builds with my friends.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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My wishes are probably kind of boring, but here goes.


1. Bigger closet for Izzy's creations.

(I haven't gotten anything new in quite a while because my closet is full and I don't want to delete anything just to end up with something worse/double. Also wouldn't mind for there to be more clothes added from Izzy's shop, or in general for that matter.)


2. Bigger friendlist.

(Mine is already full so I keep having to reject new request and I feel bad about it. Also kinda on that note, maybe a way to send messages to your friends would be nice, other than through parties.)


3. More stories. (relationships, careers, hobbies)


4. More variations in events.

(Having just STS and Wumples all the time gets kinda boring/repetitive.)


5. Being able to delete old relationships.

(I have a bunch of sims that have been in my game for a looong time. NPCs that I don't really do anything with anymore, and sims from other simmers that are inactive or have been aged up for a long time already. I wouldn't want them to automatically get deleted after some time though, because some of them I do want to keep around.)



Some honourable mentions:

- Pets! Would love to be able to have cats/dogs. Maybe even some other creatures. 

- Some of my career buildings are missing an NPC worker, and have been for quite a while now. One of my sims works at the restaurant and has been on her own there for well over a year now. Would be nice if this could get fixed. (But maybe this is just me.)

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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Since we got the second and third floor, what is amazing ..i would like to have balconies or a basement. Or maybe swimming pools which you can create for your own...a hot tub which is integrated into the floor as a tiny swimming pool would be also nice. That it looks like a small swimming pool.

Idk what is possible to programm for you.


And new stuff at Izzy also would be nice.


Greetings 😊

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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@Phantomlover1717 More like the computer version
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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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@misterlama9000 Aw, that's so nostalgic. Maxis should do that. They got resources already.

The point of this game is simulating the real life or what life could possible do. The Hope is make us who play it become more humane. Thus, the way the game more realistic or futuristic is the great point.
I hope better sync in real life and game is accomplished.

Maybe the devs is taking it from statistically or quantitative method by updating what players want to be prioritized.
It's kinda heartbreaking if your request not fulfilled, but don't be, maybe it's on the next update. Don't leave the game. I've seen past post that have been fulfilled but not all just a point or few. That's a good sign that devs is also nice.
Hope the devs is in good shape and give the best they can do!
P.S. go devs! Sorry, I'm asking a bit out of the gameplay.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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Don’t know if I’m doing this right cos I’m kinda new to all this but here goes:


1) DEFINITELY being able to sell items in storage - earn back some of the cash I’ve spent on items that I’ve upgraded


2) More career, relationship and hobby stories - maybe bar owner, driving instructor, paramedic, nurse, estate agent, firefighter, police officer, movie      
    Star, relationships such as star crossed lovers, childhood sweethearts, movie star lovers, film buff lovers and hobbies such as fishing or some 

    form of collecting hobby 


3) Chance to obtain Heirlooms and items missed on previous events - its so frustrating that the only career I can’t do at the moment is the one that 

     the heirloom was only available in an STS that was played before I downloaded the game!


4) Bigger friends list please - 50 fills up so quickly


5) No more duplicate heirlooms - its so annoying when you save up all your tokens to buy an heirloom and then when you buy it, it’s one you’ve 

     already got!!!  And you spend 25 tokens to buy it and only get 2 back when you sell it!! And retirement heirlooms should definitely not be  
     duplicates of ones you already have - after all that hard work completing all the stories, to get given one you’ve already got is so frustrating!!


Love all the suggestions I have read so far - these are just a few of mine!







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