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Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

by Phantomlover1717

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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★★ Apprentice

Here my wishlist:


1) More attention to detail, there are things that are a punch in the eyes, such as the television permanently switched off, mirrors so dimly lit and not very shiny... the water in the hot tub that does not give the impression of being water... And other...


2) Day and night, I think that without this feature the game looks so flat and monotonous.


3) Weather changes


4) I don't like having a lot of swimsuits and then not being able to choose which swimsuit to use when my sim gets to sunbathe or in the hot tub. the creation in the CAS should be much more similar to the original game, or give us the possibility to choose the pajamas to use, the swimsuit to use, the party dress...


5) Make our sims life useful! give us the chance to play with them even without the sweet treat showdown and those boring endless stories / relationships that don't entertain at all! Please create a system of needs, of funny interactions, make the objects of the house useful, because for now they are only just simple and useless furniture. 



Also can I know why white furniture are actually not pure white?!

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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★★★ Guide

@CrazyArrow90 I did a test, I used the same object inside the house and outside the house to see the difference and this is the result:





And outside: 


Now I finally understand why all the white colors are actually always ivory... it's because of the lights setup... 

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

★★ Apprentice
@ItsKatlyn99 Yeah, that's why every time I tried to make a house in cold-white colors I always got a sand-colored house with warm lights...
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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

★★★ Guide
@ItsKatlyn99 have you seen the windows? they do it too. they are dark on the inside and light on the outside which drives me nuts! defeats the whole purpose of the light coming through the window
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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

★★★ Guide

honestly my main wish is just to be able to sell furniture etc items. sitting there going to waste! 

that and being able to take down walls, to extend rooms or merge them would be nice.


maybe a chat feature too, to talk to fellow simmers who are online. there's no social gameplay other than playing by yourself. it's pretty boring, in this day and age with games like fortnite etc, why can't you interact online? 

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

★★★★★ Newbie

Hello! This is my wish list for 2020,


1.Please Be more Generous in prices, like last year we got a whole house pack and clothes, hairstyles  for 15 day quests and house pack like honey moon pack for just 28 steps , wumples makes us grind 4 days and gives us 2 items, similarly with sweet treats there are no clothes or hairstyles ( I’m a broke student lol).


2. I see sims freeplayish graphics rather than sleek sims mobile graphics, ( compare with old items, the graphics needs to be updated).


3. Party system needs a revamp, like having a ramp walk as a party action so we can sticker the best dressed, talking beyond parties like join a neighbourhood instead of having friends etc , so we can plan and throw parties accordingly.


4. Sending items like sim cash, simoleons between friends, hosting garage sales for items, like I have 3 bath items I don’t need, my friend doesn’t have any, so I can sell her.


5. Bring back old type of events like ASOS and lucky draw of gifts with no repetition of gifts. No more sweet treats please or atleast let us have a box where we can buy with simcash or something.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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★ Guide

1] Remove the surprising choice, it's totally useless and annoying.


2] You removed duplicates from events, nice! Now please remove colours swatches too! ^^

Nobody likes it. Plus hairstyles (and everything else) in CAS shop are too much expensive because of colors swatches, an hairstyles with all swatches included currently costs 20/30 euros, I mean... Are you okay? 😒

An hairstyles complete with all swatches should costs a maximum of 5 euros and nothing more!

That's a shame. Too greedy!


(And color is NOT a prize).


3] Paid bundles images, there's no care and organization to sell packages and always recycling the same cover. (Which does not even represent what you are about to buy -_-)


4] Day and night cycle. Standard smile (Districts included) and weather changes (snow/thunderstorms/rain/sun...)


5] More build mode features.

We could get some wonderful houses if we had the same features that The Sims 4 have.

Our houses all look alike, and unrealistic. :/


6] Pets


7] Pregnancy


8] Sweet Treat Showdown lasts too long. 15 days is too much, make it lasts less days! 


9] Photo mode and video mode please, without UI and that green thing that appear when a sim finish an action.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

★★★★ Guide

1) No more baking events! I manage to finish them all and I don't even use simcash, but they are just so annoying. But I don't see any end soon, since a lot of players are spending lots of simcash to finish the events.

Guys: sorry, I am boring. But they wil not finish as long as you spend simcash for them! EA's job is to make money...


2) New careers and hobbies. Nice ones, not like the last one that didn't give any new furniture, any new action, any clothes or hairstyle.


3) New cool hairstyles and clothes.


4) Pets! 


5) Rerun of old events. Especially rerun of Back to school event. I missed that one cause I started playing in October 2018. 



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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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★★ Guide

1. definitely a better party system; maybe a new make over or a completly new system! It's one of the USP from TSM; be social with others! It keeps the mobile game up and is a big point why we're playing. Without the social parts we also can play TS4.

2. Remake from the friendlist + fix the bugs!
We're loosing friends and relationships because of... yeah... what? It should be more transparent. How many Friends can we carry in our lists? And we need the feature to kick out the old friends who already are retired for months! Standard smile

3. Screenshot mode! I don't want to cut my currencies out. Everytime we're cropping the pictures we lose quality.

4. a better balance between currencies and event. There are many players with 200k-700k Simoleons bevor the STS events. Now the money is totally gone... same happend to me.

5. Gender neutrality in CAS? Oooh! Yes! Please! ... I don't think need to say anything more!

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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1: less sweet event or, don't have sweet events replace holiday themed ones. I lost holiday themed heirlooms and i can't get them back if this continues.

2: a way to sell items for simcash/ simoleons.

3: more jewelry/ glove that don't cost simcash?

4: Pets!!! Like dogs and cats!

5: get rid of color swatches. Meaning once you get an item, you earn it and all the colors. Or at least have it like that in those horrible events you keep spamming and making it harder each time.

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