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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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@SalixCat Glad I’m not the only one 😊
Wouldn’t it be cool if you get Surprises like your child is misbehaving at school or such? It would be more realistic I think!
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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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Some already mentioned the things I want too:
1) gender neutral - what a shame to have Izzy creations in one gender the other cannot use, gems are not easy to come by
2) rerun of past quests/challenges - not everyone started since the beginning, I didn’t mind a rerun when the dancing career was open again, they had an advanced quest for those who had it, even if no advanced quest, still happy everyone else could have a chance; idk if Piano hobby was ever available as a quest...I’d love to have the chance to work for it
3) able to trade/sell/remove items - like the Halloween pumpkins, I have many, would be nice to sell/remove some; extra items would be lovely to give away or trade with a friend
4) befriend a friend - when receiving requests to add as a friend, that’s kinda one-sided but totally fine, though I may want to start a story with this new friend too
5) option to remove the contact when he/she has retired - can’t socialIze with them anyway and obviously they can’t reach me in return

I understand some ideas may be too much to apply technically. There will always be some restrictions if the game is to run globally and across so many devices. Appreciate any surprises that may come if any wish from this thread does come true.
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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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Ooooo lots of great ideas here! 


I'd like to suggest a few and cast my vote for some already suggested things like:


  • More stories! I've been stuck at level 50 for months and have completed all hobbies and relationships.... it's been very stagnant waiting for more levels and stories to play. It could be easy to introduce things like pregnancy and pets and schooling via new stories to complete and be awarded with pet options etc.


  • The ability to move and place objects at a quarter-turn is my biggest request. It kills me that my piano can't be angled to play to the entire room I set up for it. 


  • Garage sales! Or at least any kind of way to get rid of furniture I don't use or want. We can recycle Izzy clothing so doing the same to make room for items just seems natural. 


  • Gender neutrality for ALL clothing and accessories. Especially the Izzy clothing you work so hard to get and then find out your female characters can't wear the sparkly purple bracelet with angel wings 😭


  • Another vote for revamping the party system! At least allowing us to see the level of the party host /house before committing to that party. It would be realistic if we could go to the party and change our mind after seeing who is there (or not there lol), just like the secondary start button on events. 

I think the graphics look great, gameplay is still fun when there's something to do, and prices have been better but not great (agree that paying for each additional color of clothing sucks and they shouldn't be prized on their own). I wish the events were always one at a time instead of stacked on top of each other because that makes the dead time in between feel really boring and makes me not want to play. 🥱


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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

@GracieSeven i would love a school. It seams like you can't really do much with the  children until you retire your main sims.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

@7132416515 the piano hobby never was a quest and i hope they do one that's mostly simple and easy and not a nightmare. After loosing a bunch of heirlooms (basically uncommon or rare ones that you can only get by quest that STS mostly got rid of or by buying.) I don't feel like struggling to the very end, waking up early in the morning to just finish the quest  (yes, I've actually done that for the pumpkin spice lover story. And i recently learned that i cant do that story since i lost that heirloom due to a glitch) i just hope that sims mobile sees this and lessen the sts. I skipped the other one completely, i only did side quest for money, never did a sweet event or opened a box.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

@MsBellaMorte  i don't know about gender neutral for all clothing but some can be. And yeah, i would love a garage sale. It would be nice to give items you maybe have too much of but someone else needs/ wants it. 

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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@SalixCat wrote:

Here are some ideas:


  • Different type of landscape as a new feature perhaps in new areas. We will be inspired to create builds on sandy beaches, rocky desserts, snowy mountains, even on water.  
  • [Love these]
  • A revamp of Izzy with some extra things. The effects and items haven’t changed in a long time.
  • [would add to @SalixCat list:  REVAMP or DROP:   Surprising Choices–like really surprise me- it was another way to get the Hot Tubs, Pets, etc. granted it cost  a boatload of SimCash, but it offered desirable items without the hassle of doing the time- consuming resource- depleting SweetTreat Shakedowns.  And finally revamp or completely Dump the STS Events, Llama Zooms, &  Wumples = a lot of work & time for 2 small prizes & a handful of gems]
  • I would like to see more events where players can
    plan and choose the rewards they want and do not depend on probability. The best example is the Halloween event
    where we had a prize meter to unlock prizes and event currency to purchase items of our choice. This is the kind of event that in my opinion defines TSM.  
  • [AMEN]
  • Rise of level cap and lifestyle points also are something I would like to see. These two go together but they depend on having new features that can be unlocked or some sort of rewards for the new levels.  
  • [ I hit Level 50 right after it changed to 50]

Adding to SalixCat’s excellent list, I would also add:  NEW/MORE Career, Relationship, & Hobby Stories, that are NOT Tied to STS Events- Not everyone likes STS or wants to finish them, but still would like to win the better Grand Prizes  like Fireplaces, Christmas Trees, Smoking Chimneys, Cute Hairstyles etc.

After level 50, Its really getting boring with the same old-same old.


Please let us delete items from our Storage for a few Simoleans or some sort of compensation  similar to the way Izzy’s works. 

My more shallower wish list items include: 

Violet Eye Color, Tiaras, Pets, Hair Accessories 😂


GREAT IDEAS EVERYONE!  Let’s hope FM will consider & implement our suggestions 

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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1) More closet space for Izzy items.  I want more, but I don't want to give up any that I have.

2) Rainbow speedo.  The girls have rainbow swimwear, why not the guys.

3) More yard space on the main lot.

4) pets, especially dogs

5) some indication, especially in inventory and purchase screens, that tells what party actions items have.

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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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And I would also like everything that is pixelated (see the refrigerator) to be fixed, it's so ugly!


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Re: Your top 5 wishes for 2020 for The Sims Mobile

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top 5 update suggestions 


• lowered item prices - of simcash 

• sim public updated. neighborhoods, shopping centers

• parties : more themes, to host @ house of choice, attend more than 2 a day 

• playable children & elders, more events 

• pet shops! & gear 

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