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Re: Yamachan’s First Baby Pics - Hurry!

by CharlieDaisy12

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Yamachan’s First Baby Pics - Hurry!

★★★ Guide

The very first baby pic of Yam’s firstborn. Please don’t say you recognize her as she’s already been put under the impression that she is totally unique.😂🤣

Yam, of course is exhausted here, having been up with her most of the night, and Juliette has a headache and just passed out after a long day of overtime paying for all her new toys.🥳😂 
She’s half an hour old and they’re already home from the hospital.😄





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Re: Yamachan’s First Baby Pics - Hurry!

★★★ Guide

Baby Pics!🎂🤧😊


Yam now has 2 kids, who already have startlingly different personalities.☝️😉 Actually, the baby smiles. My Sims have had countless babies over the time I’ve played, never knew they smiled.😬🙊😊


One of the first daughter, & for any new players,28B4516E-38A6-480B-B87A-3C5DA8865E58.jpeg790A57A9-10C1-4526-8936-59CA917C2C2F.png5352E0D7-2CB7-49AA-B2E0-56606867CE96.pngI actually didn’t know this until well into my game, but it’s worthwhile getting the leaves from Level 10 of the Pumpkin Spice Lovers Quest. Great storyline, and the toddlers will play in the leaves. 

2nd of her - she’s not into it. Already.😄 (They all do this, I know, but still cute. Love that little raincoat.🥰)


To the developers, if you happen to be reading along, aside from Special Events, this is probably some of the most fun I’ve had in the game. You have no idea how enjoyable it is to have someone from outside your Sim’s household, and your experience, come in and be able to create a little family. And Yam is the best. Love him. The Festival - well, still doing it every day and I’ve got the trophy.😄Thx.)

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