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Wumples' wishlist 20

by SalixCat

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@jayivy666 Alright.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@47wobbles Agree. I may not play much longer. I have the Simoleons to buy items but I don’t have the tokens. I don’t enjoy LlumaZoom enough to get the tokens required.
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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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Done! Congrats to me. Used the lights on the hallway & the master bedroom. Happy no simoleons & sim cash spent for these items.



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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@dissenterjasmine I also did finish it cuz i was curious how they do look like and sadly i do not like em.
They look a bit boring and the light effect is not surprising .... 😑
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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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Not in the least bit interested in doing this particular Wumples 20.  


Getting Far Too little (prize wise) for the Huge amount of Time & Stress it would take.  
IMHO they need to step it up & Wow us when it comes to the prizes for these time consuming events 

I ended up just buying a few of the shell sconce lights for about 55 simoleans each.  Not the sleekest looking, but they are unobtrusive & do a great job of lighting up the house especially since the Day/Night update started.  


I’m not a fan of LZ’s to begin with, so NOT doing Wumples20 was a no-brainer for me. 

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@katclawsx3 yeah. I'm not a fan of llama zoom either.  I always tell her to leave the moment i see her truck unless i need it for a quest i want to finish. I used to hate it alot but compared to sweet events.. it's not as frustrating.  And i swear they made it harder so we would spend money on it to get past it. I strangely have 900+ sweet tokens but didn't do one sweet showdown. So thats soemthing.  So glad it's almost over.  They'll probally make another sweet event in a week... 

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@katclawsx3 I think those sconces were the most sold item after the update 😁 But the thing is everything else is expensive or ugly or both.. 😬 At least sconces were ok and affordable 😄

Did the Wumpling and it was way too long considering the prizes. 👎 Walkthrough was really useful in this 👍

And of course the starting price of the new lights is set 3300 Simoleons.. 🙄
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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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All the work now for this 😑😑😑😑😑...




They are sooooooo uuuuugly...(sorry to the artist who created them..😂)


Maybe the studio gameartist trainee made em...🙂 or idk...



Haha..anyways....maybe i am gonna make a garage and just put them in


Or usefully on Hellowee😨

With the dark brown....ewwwwww


And if its a set both sorts why is the smaller one not also in pink?


So i have to block colurs even if i do nit want to block pink with red? 


Very weird prize this time..



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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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I gave up. It was as if my I was walking in place: losing more Simoleons than I was earning.

I am trying to save money to buy land so will not finish this quest.

Then the TV broke and I had to shell out 900 to fix.😲

Watching ads to get my 900 back. SMH!

Learned not to hang out when you need simoleons just send your Sims to work.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@DBrick01Is it just me or is it really more expensive now with broken stuff to repair at home?
And it happens more.?.... i have the feeling it takes more gold and takes more often place now ...


Not good because hobby at home and relationship was allways faster to make gold... and to finish Lama Zoom for the quests or for Lama tickets. ( better objects at home and more bonus, like also partyobjects the bar, whirpool and so on)

One trick is to take the object in your inventory and then put it back in your house to use, if you have to many stuff spotted. It will get usable then during your relationship event and has more time bonus then other objects)

Whirpools do not break for example....the christmastrees are cheap to repair. Just test around ....depends on what special items you have.

Fire places do break seldomly normally...

That is why invest in partobjects during events.

With eventtickets. Best objects in game to make gold with less time amount.


And put one Sim a time at home if you want to play him..others to work or outside relationship stories.

If all are at home more stuff will break.


At work the most bonusobjects cost home not. 


Prices are going up and its harder to save now...

So your gold gets smaller when more objects do break and you have to repair  them for gold.

Not nice at all because you have to pay now for the bonus if objects do break much more.


I will not buy gold....feels like they want us to buy gold...and i am not happy about this....


You can still make it faster when you do not play your sim at home while he or she is making a hobby or relation ship event.

Just do not movee him or she.

But if he  or she is fast with the right heirloom and has the highest level in the hobby or relationship story you can save time and more gold.

Depends on how far she or he is in the life story.

If he or she is better in work shift then send him there.


I hope this will help....


The gold problem is so annoying.....

What are they doing?...its really terrible 😑







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