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Wumples' wishlist 20

by SalixCat

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@DBrick01 even though the tickets can be used i never do llama zooms unless needed for events. Other than that, i make her leave the moment i see her so i dont get spammed notifications about her ready to leave.. every time i close the app...

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@whackywhippet234Sorry saw your other post and question in the other thread too late. 😊
Back to topic:

I think the gold is going to get a big problem in game if its going on this way.

Wumple also wants gold in his quest and the questtime is pretty long now .

So you can save much less Simoleons like before for the next events...

It would be awesome if there would be more balance without paying Wumple.

My point is here that you really need to save Simoleons if you want the new Landgrab lot or in game cash for the next STS.

And do not forget new players they need to invest tickets (lama zoom beside Wumple)
and are still completing the build of their main lot.
Costs time and Simoleons plus Lama tickets.
And so you have much more gold less for the upcoming STS other other stuff in game with which you love to decorate your lots.

I will not buy  Simeolons with theses prices in the shop.

More packs which include more gold with better prices would be also nice...
Then i would think about to buy those in between or monthly.

But i do not want to buy everytime ..every week a pack to get for what i have played.

So i have to make all those stuff and pay it to keep my game balance?


I wonder why they do not give special vip prices like on Sims Freeplay?

Maybe this or some special gold packs every month which are not like 45 dollars or 50 euros if you want some 100 K  Simoleons.

You kniw what i mean i mean the special packs with ither items where gold is included. With the big packs there should be more gold in it or the price should be lower.


Or maybe higher the win on work shifts?

Make both?

Please Firemonkeys change it.

I love all the sweet ideas and a lot of the update but this gold problem is annoying....😑 well..

Greetings 💞💖

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@jayivy666 It’s just not worth it to me, too many task when I can just buy lamps.
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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@Darkhuntress2000 Yes on day three you need to make standard events and then 3 long ones in one

I mean its not a pool or some epic clothes...

I started it and then i was annoyed from it...😁 will also not continue it.
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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@jayivy666  i thought wumples was a she. Also,  i rlly dont want membership with this game. I have some unpleasant experiences with them, mostly locking everything behind a membership lock and then the ones who don't pay are given basically rags. So if they do add membership, i hope they just cut down on the time it takes and not have basic stuff locked behind a paywall.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@FreezerSim i think this is the first wumples quest I'm skipping. The last one was actually fun and easy and the 20th anniversary quest was a pleasant surprise. 

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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the wall light is cute BUT this is way too many activities and events just for these 2 tiny rewards


these activities are costly and time-consuming 


this game is becoming too money hungry — relying on players to purchase bundles just to speed up progress  in order to be satisfied playing!


llama tokens are a TERRIBLE “necessity”

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@whackywhippet234Yes that is also right.


I am gonna explain you now what i think and mean.
What i mean are better offers once you bought something.
Like when you buy stuff you can get a discount because you are supporting the game.

That does not mean that you have to pay playing. 😊

It only gets saved thst yoyu bought stuff and the discount for packs for example gets higher then more you buy.

the prices would drop for you then.

Would not make much difference to how it is now because they are only selling a lot of packs with all the new stuff but you would pay less then.
See what i mean? All new special stuff is only getable by paying now. It is allready like that.
So my idea was to get it cheaper if you really want some of the new items.
Hair and shoes especially they are,  and were allways hard to get and now it is all the extra stuff with new furnitures and partyitems.(packs only buyable)


And i think the packs are too expensive...i woulld not spend  11 euros for one dress or more for only a few K gold....

It depends on how it would run then...😊i mean not other changes in shop or with the getable freebies.

Just an option that you get discount   because you bought something....that means VIP.

And if you buy more you will get it more cheaper.

On sims freeplay its also working.


Off course i do not know how they would handle that on sims mobile..but sure thing is that sims mobile is allready very expensive...


It was a way cheaper before the studio switched.



See Wumple now grabs most time 300 gold instead of before..that is the doable.


Most packs from the new stuff are small and between 2 -3 dollars or 2-3 Euros more expensive. Some much more... 


And the big packs include nice stuff but  a lot of players also have to pay bills and need to think about it if they invest 60 dollars for one pack.

It is really overpriced.

Or for some know...


For the Mawdrey you needed to buy all packs i think it were 70 dollars or more.

And there is no discount...


So it would be fair if the game 

would remind how much you have spent in all your game time that you would get some stuff cheaper.

I do not mean a membership payment... its only with the buying.


Playing and all other options do also cost money with the cupcakes or thst you finisch it faster with simcash.

So maybe if you have a vip because you bought something you can get an amount of more free cupcakes and simcash.


And off course i think it should not work worse for people which do not pay.

For them it should keep like it is now.

That would be fair.


I also do not pay for pure playing. Only eventtickets and unique packs do interest me if i buy.


But  i am also not poor and not rich and i want to buy some stuff but with more fair prices.


And for me it sounds fair that you get a discount because you have supported the game with payment in some way.


Well i am a bit off topic..sorry..but that was my feeling when i startetd wumple and i think wumple is because of the gold she takes also a point in it.



More balance wit free quests..


Wumple with no  gold grabbing...


Discount for players who make payment support.


Free playing without membership should stay with all you can do like it is now...


Better offers for all if they do not change this...


Btw...the items in your house now breaking more often and it is more expensive to repair them...😴😛

You see that now more when you wumple or do a quest.


 Sorry for typos my english is not perfect.

A lot of greetings 💖

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@jayivy666  so are you saying the more often people buy,  the  more often they'll get a discount on future purchases? If not then i dunno since i never played sims free play that long.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@whackywhippet234 Yes course there is a limit. But you get discount.
And you really save real cash.
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