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Wumples' wishlist 20

by SalixCat

Original Post

Wumples' wishlist 20


Wumples is back with a new wishlist the 15th of February 2020, 10:00 a.m. local time.


The rewards are the Resplendent Wall Sconce and the Millenim Pendant Lamp.


Here is the walkthrough:


Thanks, EA Game Changers and Firemonkeys for the information.
Thanks @Phantomlover1717 for The Sims 4 images Heart

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@SalixCat. Thank You for everything.
Two llamas zooms?????
TWO of them?????
Dang you guys are Petty as Heck
Good thing I need some lights. For all that work should give us more than two lights.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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I have been gone awhile. Decided to check on my Sims. See if they were still living and things have changed.

Windows you can see through but no blinds or curtains that fit them. What's the bright idea!


It gets dark now. Had to spend all my simoleons on ceiling lights. Bummer!


Oh an another plot of land. Now that is interesting. Expensive but interesting.


And more and more quests. And llama zooms. That should be retired. Who does llama zooms unless it is in a quest? Oh forgot, you do need those llamas to buy things.

I guess they are still revelant after all; hence two of them. LOL!

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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they got really petty on this one too, there's no gems like normal. Maybe they thought we forgot.

I really didn't like the day-night feature to begin with now we have to put in lights. I wish we had buydebug lights so we don't have to go through this.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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I forgot about the gems. LoL!


Instead of buying ceiling lights, how about light switches instead. Put a light switch on a wall and it automatically lights the room.

I just hate all the ceiling lights hanging in the air.


Please give me some blinds. Are there any reports in town about peeping Sims. 

You know I keep seeing that same Sim walking by my house on multiple occasions






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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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@givememore86Yep, seems a bit extensive quest considering the prizes. 😬 I guess the lack of llama zooms in Anniversary quest is ‘corrected’ here. Christmas Wumples was short and sweet and the next Wumples after that had everything&more in it 🤔

Hoping that the prices of the said lights is affordable. Everything seems to cost +3000 simoleons. 💸

Also not a fan of ceilings lights since they get in the way. I’d like to have nice  wall lights which don’t block every other object. 🤞The wall lights should be usable both inside and outside of the house 🏡 (Looking at you Lover’s Lantern from STS 🧐)

And affordable! You need quite a lot of lights, you end up spending a huge amount of simoleons. I didn’t have that much lights in my house before this update 🕯

A bit OT, sorry 😅



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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

★★★★ Expert



p.s. Still gonna play for these decor lights (need all the free stuff I can get after spending too much on STS) True or True?

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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Oh no...only lamps?





I mean they not look bad...maybe the light effect is


And yes if you buy more of them they are a bit expensive after unlocking..


It is a bit annoying that all costs so much gold...because of the STS you are allways broken with Simoleons and in the shop it is very expensive.


Well then please give us a set with 5 of each for 5 days of doing this quest?




Thanks for the informations Cat 💕

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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I am so tired of this Wumples' wishlist, It makes me sick all the time and I don't like it, it's long and stressful and it's not worth at all because of the awful prizes. I'm done with this, sorry but no thanks.

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Re: Wumples' wishlist 20

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I also just noticed that you do not get fashion gems from wumple anymore...


... for such a long wishlist that had been nice....



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