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Hey there @uo_fredduck, the reason I get this information is that I'm a Game Changer.
Game Changers get information a little bit sooner than normal players, so they can create content, I make walkthroughs, others might make a video about the upcoming content.
The Sims Mobile tweets about most upcoming content, it might be retweets or direct. If you don't want to visit the forums, the Game Changers usually have blogs or YouTube videos on the content. I have them listed on my website for example https://www.phantomlover1717.nl/walkthroughs/

You can read about what a Game Changer is over here: https://www.ea.com/game-changers/faq


I've heard about issues with the giant book, however, it hasn't been reported on the bug forum. About the laptop is good feedback that I'll pass on.


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