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Thank you for the walkthrough @Phantomlover1717!


Regarding the reward, I'm totally with you @coralmermaid95, I find it very disappointing, especially since the furniture is kind of basic. We already have a similar lamp to this from the honeymoon quest and two chairs isn't even enough to fill a dining table. For example a full modern set of dining furniture would so much better. 

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Re: Wumples Wishlist Walkthrough

@givememore86 wrote:

@Phantomlover1717 Please add the (2-5 50 simoleons), (3-3 150 simoleons) and (4-1 300 simoleons) to the walkthrough so people don't have to complain. Thanks 😃

Added some extra info to the first post. It's hard to fit all the info on the walkthrough and keep it readable.


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Re: Wumples Wishlist Walkthrough

★★ Guide

With all those quests, I thought the prize will be more "unique" 🤔

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Re: Wumples Wishlist Walkthrough

The feedback about the prizes has been passed on. I hope it's a quite easy quest with some simple prizes, just to make the game more fun for those with everything done already.


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Rif.: Wumples Wishlist Walkthrough

★★★ Guide

@Phantomlover1717 Thank you for the guide.


The mission was made slightly easier to complete, and for this we thank...


But what are we doing exactly with only chairs?

As @PlanetAuto said, they should have put a whole set as a prizes.

Why give us a "fridge" when you can give the whole kitchen? Why give us a bed when you can give the whole bedroom and have it all matched?


Same things is applied with bag's events

How do we furnish a room if all we get is different colors from bags thanks to the reprehensible idea that the previous team had of making each color as different "object"

Imagine a room with brown table, white chair, red sofà, blue carpet, black lamp......

There is not a minimum of matching.


And yes @coralmermaid95 I also noticed that The Sims FreePlay events are much more substantial, and sometimes they get whole houses (see christmas reward) already furnished.

So we can imagine the amount of obiects they get with an event.

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Thank you for walkthrough.


Personally I don't like chapter quests. Especially ones that have no daily rewards. Even if you are totally caught up, they become impossible to complete if you are unable to play on the final day. 

Versions that let me hurry when I choose let me plan my gameplay to fit my life. I can speed up to compensate for a planned real life commitment that will prevent me from gameplay on the final day. 

VmAlso versions that have daily prizes make me less frustrated if an unexpected emergency prevents me from playing the last day. I might miss the grand prize, but at least I don't lose out entirely. I've had a family member hospitalized and another time an extended power outage on the final day that prevented me from completing a chapter style event in other games. Pretty frustrating to spend time and resources for days and lose out.

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Re: Wumples Wishlist Walkthrough

★★★ Guide

@Catharina38 this is my concern aswell. for this quest I'm fine I'm gonna be able to finish it. but what if you're on the road, busy at work or with friends and family events? are your gonna lose the whole whole quest just because you couldn't play one day?

there kind of was no need to change the quest structure, nobody was criticizing it. But I guess they want players to log in and play regularly every day and that's why they did it. 

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★★★ Guide

I think I will skip this event. It uses 20 of my energy on making a cake surprise. Seriously!

I would rather do the llama zoom and buy 2 chairs and a lamp.


For my new household. I had to buy a lamp to complete a step. And the reward is a lamp. SMH!


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@Phantomlover1717 in the future on these Quest: could you please separate each day with different Roman numerals (or a different color). When I see:

(I I) on all the sections my eyes keep on going to the wrong spot. Thank You

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@Phantomlover1717 Thanks for the walkthrough.

This is the first quest I got since the new update (already had 4th sim) so I would like to suggest that maybe the developers could add actual actions to the quest step that requires high amount of energy and a certain length of time (like Bake Cookies for Sale in Chapter 2); it doesn't really feel like doing a 'quest event' if there are no quest-related actions to do and I have to wait 2 hours for it to finish or speed it up with simcash. Thanks in advance.
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