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Will this laptop run The Sims 4?

by liashleigh

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Will this laptop run The Sims 4?

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WILL THIS LAPTOP RUN SIMS 4? I'm not sure how to tell, so if you know how to read it please let me know! 


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Re: Will this laptop run The Sims 4?

@liashleigh  This laptop is not a good choice for Sims 4.  The processor and its integrated graphics chip are quite weak and could probably only handle low graphics settings.  4 GB RAM is sufficient for the base game and maybe a couple of the early expansions, but it would likely be a problem if you installed more content than that.  But the biggest limitation is the hard drive.  64 GB storage is barely enough for the base game once you factor in Windows and the usual assortment of programs like browsers.  (Other data storage would be out of the question.)  Even then, you might run out of space.  And installing any expansions at all would only exacerbate the issue.


If you'd like recommendations for laptops that should handle Sims 4 better, just let me know what your budget is, and I'll look around.  But $220 is not going to get you very far, unfortunately.  I can sometimes find decent options for under $400 U.S., depending on sales, but not always; minimally okay options start somewhere around $350.


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