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Why don't my expansion packs transfer between platforms

by jadecapybara

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i bought some packs on sims console and was wondering if i had to re buy them if

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I have the sims 4 on console and bought packs on there. I was wondering if I had to re buy them if I wanted to play on pc.

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Re: i bought some packs on sims console and was wondering if i had to re buy the


@tamezcua83 Unfortunately the console Sims 4 game and packs are not interchangeable with PC/Mac games and packs.

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How to get Sims 4 account from xbox onto MacBook Air.

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Hello! So I have a question about the sims 4 on an xbox and the transferring part of that. I have sims 4 on my xbox I have the CD of it and I also have two pack on my xbox. I also have the Sims 4 on my MacBook Air which I play on all the time but I got it for free because there was a sale. My question is that I would like to know how or if it is possible if I can get my packs from my xbox account onto my MacBook Air. Or at least get the account from my sims 4 on my Xbox onto my MacBook so I can play it on my MacBook. I really want to put my packs onto my computer and I just got it on my computer a couple months after I got my packs. I love playing on my computer and I enjoy playing it on my computer but I really would like to play with my packs because I am getting kinda sad I can not get my packs onto my computer. I tried almost everything I could find to try and get my account/packs from my xbox onto my MacBook Air. I did so much research and I looked so hard and I just can't do it. I have been trying for a couple months now and I really want it onto my MacBook so I thought if I could not find a way to then maybe EA could help me. Thank you so much it would mean a lot if I could get those packs onto my MacBook because I play on my MacBook everyday which I mean it's kind of a waste of those packs if I can not play them on the device I play on the most. Thank you!

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Re: How to get Sims 4 account from xbox onto MacBook Air.

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Hello there @strangermal11 


The Game and the packs are platform specific, so unfortunately they can't be transferred to a PC.

Here is the Sims 4 FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)


Happy Gaming and Stay Safe!



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tranfer from ps4 to pc

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So I just bought a gaming laptop not to long ago and I have started playing Sims again on my PS4 but would rather have it on my new laptop so I can use mods and overall have more fun with the game. However, I have seen that you do not offer a transfer from console to PC because it is two different versions of the game. Would EA be able to refund me my game and expansion packs on PS4 so i could buy them on my laptop. If not, is there any possible way that I wouldn't have to re-buy all of my expansion packs for the game on PC or would i need to contact someone else?

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Re: Why don't my expansion packs transfer between platforms

@Kaibowles123  I've merged your post with the master thread on this issue.


There's no way to get even part of your content transferred over to PC, nor will EA give you a refund.  Since you bought the console content for PS4, you'd need to ask Sony for a refund, not EA, and it's unlikely Sony would be that generous.


If you wait for sales (there's one going on now), you might still pay significantly less than full price.  I know it's not what you're looking for, but it's better than nothing.


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Buying Packs for Mac and PS4.

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I've been trying to find an answer for this, but I can't seem to find an answer mainly because my question is kind of complicated. 

I have Sims 4 downloaded on my Mac, and my younger siblings have Sims 4 downloaded, (not through the same account, I believe Origin is not needed to launch games on PS4, so no account is needed?).

I am thinking of buying/downloading all packs for the Sims 4 (eventually). I don't want to pay twice for packs on both the PS4 and on my Mac, so is there any way of buying the packs for one platform, say I go instore buy a pack for PS4, is there a chance I can also download the same pack, without paying for it? Or if there is a way for me to download the packs on Origin Mac; and be able to get the packs on PS4? 

I know this might be complicated, but an answer would be much appreciated. 

Thank you! 

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Re: Buying Packs for Mac and PS4.

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Unfortunately this is not possible - I have all the games on the PC but I know if I want to play on the PS4 that I would need to rebuy them.

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Re: Buying Packs for Mac and PS4.


@sofuuuh@Coley666 is correct.  You would have to buy the game and any packs you wanted twice if you want to play them on both platforms.  And even if you do that, the games wouldn't sync up , so if you make a household on one platform and started to play them, the other platform wouldn't have the same save file available to it.  Also, if you want to use any Custom Content (CC) or Mods, those would only be allowed on the PC version anyway, as Sony and Microsoft have not agreed yet to allow CC/Mods for their versions of TS4. 

If you can only play on one platform, it is better to play on a Mac or PC. You will get all of your updates (including bug fixes and free content) faster buy playing on a Mac or PC anyway!   I hear it is also easier to build on a Mac or PC. Wink

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If I bought the sims 4 for ps4 digital can I transfer it to a Mac

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If I bought the sims 4 for ps4 digital could I transfer that over to a Mac book


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