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Re: Sims 4 expansion packs

by Trismagistos

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Re: Playing with packs on different devices

@lfcharm  Nope, sorry, packs don't transfer between console and PC/Mac.  If you want to play on your PC, you'll need to buy the content again.


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How can I transfer the sims 4 from xbox one to PC?

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Hi, I really want to transfer my the sims from xbox (one S) to my computer (laptop).

Can you help me? 


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Re: How can I transfer the sims 4 from xbox one to PC?




That is not possible. The two platforms are not compatible.

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can i move my packs from ps4 To pc

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Can i do that¿

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Re: can i move my packs from ps4 To pc

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@SofiaeliFia Unfortunately you won't be able to do that. You will have to buy the Sims for PC. These systems are incompatible.
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Re: can i move my packs from ps4 To pc

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@SofiaeliFia , like @Trismagistos this isn't possible. But the reason is that it wouldn't be fair to Microsoft and Sony. Disappointed They agreed to have TS4 on their systems (Xbox and PS4) several years after TS4 had already been available for PC's and Mac's.  So if the transfer of packs to different platforms had been allowed, Sony and Microsoft would have made almost no money from this partnership, so therefore they would have never allowed TS4 to be on their systems in the first place! Raised eyebrow Devil

As for moving them from PS4 to PC, I think the developers thought that anyone who wanted to play on a PC would have done so and not bought the console version , since the PC version has always had access to the online Gallery and also has the ability for adding Mods and Custom Content (CC). Thinking

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Sims 4 expansion packs

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I normally play sims on my computer but I recently downloaded it on my Xbox. I have several expansion packs on my computer version. I was wondering if there's any way to access my already paid for expansion packs from my computer on my Xbox? 

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Re: Sims 4 expansion packs

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@ProudMomma112111 Unfortunately not. These systems are still somewhat different. So you might have to buy them all new. 😢
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DLC' can they transfer to xbox from pc

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I own multiple DLC's on pc but would like to use them on the Xbox one console without having to pay for them again is this possible?

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Re: DLC' can they transfer to xbox from pc

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@mcgoldberger Unfortunately the base game and all packs are platform specific on The Sims 4 and are not interchangeable.

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