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Why does the stray status disapear?

by Fredkitten

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Why does the stray status disapear?

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I've been trying to get cats from adopting strays, but everytime i get close enough to adopt them they aren't strays anymore and i can't adopt them. help?


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Re: Why does the stray status disapear?

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@Fredkitten Yeah sometimes I see that happen in my game as well. You can still add the stray cat or dog to your household even if the Stray tag is missing. With testingcheats enabled, do a Shift + Click on the cat or dog and you should see a popup menu that includes the option to "Add to Family". Select that option and the pet will instantly be added to your household :D


add to family2.JPG


add to family.JPG


Good luck & I hope you have lots of fun with your new pets! :D


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