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Why are pets not playable

by gamecritteryt

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Why are pets not playable

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Why are pets in the new sims 4 expansion not playable? 


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Re: Why are pets not playable


Hi @gamecritteryt


it was a decision the devs made. Not sure if they ever stated the reason.


There's a mod with which you can make them playable. Just google.

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Re: Why are pets not playable

If you get it make sure you read the limitations it has like with dogs. Dogs have 7 needs but the UI only supports showing 6 so one of them (usually bath) never shows.
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Re: Why are pets not playable


@gamecritterytand @crinrict , I heard that the developers decided to make the pets in The Sims 4 not be controllable because they wanted the gameplay to reflect our real-life experiences with pets.  In real life, pets are always a bit of a mystery in what they are thinking and what they will do next. Wink  The developers wanted that in the game as well.  While I would have preferred to be able to play as the pet because it is more immersive Frown , most Simmers wanted a more true-to-life experience Raised eyebrow .  


@jpkarlsen, thanks for the info! Standard smile  I've never thought of dogs in TS4 needing baths as the 7th Need! Interesting! Angel

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