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Where to find duplicate items?

by BlueWizardRob

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Where to find duplicate items?

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After almost two years of only minor additions, I have decided to remodel my home.  I have also purchased additional lots.  What I haven't been able to figure out is where can I find things that I have bought (like the gold bathroom stuff and especially the hamster cage and fish tanks.  I want to have a hamster, and fish, and a gold bathroom in each of my homes.


Where can I find these items to purchase additional ones?


Also, will the knight suit ever be available for purchase?


Finally, just to make sure that I understand everything correctly, I don't need to have everything in one house to get the bonuses.  Is that correct?  For example, if I have the floor mirror in one house, will I get the +2 to recharge in all houses?  If I have a writing desk in each house, will I get the bonus from author items in all houses if the bonus items are physically located in one house?

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Re: Where to find duplicate items?

@BlueWizardRob Everything available for purchase is in the Buy section of the inventory.

Haven't heard of CAS reward items been available to purchase but hope some time in the future they will.

Boost of hobby items work for your Sims even if items are placed in other lot. This applies for hobby events but not for parties.

Not sure about the effect of energy replenishing items through all lots. Haven't tried yet 🤔

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Re: Where to find duplicate items?

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I can't confirm that the energy-boosting continues on to the main house. I did not win the hamper the first laundry day STS, but I have a second lot and I place the hamper that I bought from catalog and energy continues to my main lot. If you say for example, you buy alarm clock for energy boost and put it in another lot you will get the energy boost in your main lot. This comes in handy if you don't want so much clutter in your main house but want the boost your energy. I personally keep my energy boosting in my storage unit lot and use the cheap stuff in the bathroom so when my toilet breaks is less than 5 simoleons.

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