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Re: Where do we find stored rooms!?

by SalixCat

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Where do we find stored rooms!?

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Just a quick question. 

I've stored rooms from one lot, and want to use them in my other house.

Problem is, when storing them, it's storing all the items from the room, but when I go to build a new room, it's not there anymore and trying to charge a ridiculous amount to re buy that room thinking it's a new purchase.


My question is, where on earth are my stored rooms going? 

Never had this issue before 


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Re: Where do we find stored rooms!?

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@JustJazzy81 Hi,

Sorry bringing you these news, but stored rooms can only be placed on the same lot we bought them.
I thought we could but I discovered very soon that we can't.
However, we get a free room with every building permit.

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