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What the secret to finding knox

by 7007Nyxx

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What the secret to finding knox

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What have other members experienced in trying to or successfully finding Knox  on sims mobile???🤔🤔🤔


I have bought the eco home ... visited Parkside ..

Along with the eco shop n never ever to find knox ... 


I've seen others post that he just strolls up to their house... or met in another location . ... 

Think its be a GREAT IDEA to offer sims that are pre made ...that are decent looking like KNOX...STS SHOWDOWN ..IZZY ... n not the deformed nightmares they currently offer in pre-existing sims ... there is not 1 sim that don't have to be fixed in ears n eyes n other parts ... 😱😱🤦‍♀️those lips are atrocious🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😳😥😥


Think for a EA UPDATE...they should make pre-made sims n offer a event/quest to EQUALLY win a chance to have a fav sim they want in their home ....


I've tried on FB and REDDIT to ANYONE who is willing to part w/knox n let me adopt him out ...NAWWW not EVEN one person ...but see tons of peeps who retire knox ..tire of him ... n just toss him out....n here we have people trying their damnest to EVEN find him 🙄🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️


Frustrated simmer 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️



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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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I'm sorry that you are not able to get Knox to show up or adopt the guy in your game. I don't have Knox or solution how to get him, but I have my own theories (for everything) Standard smile

I believe that there has to be a spot in your town for a fresh NPC and then you just need extremely good luck.

Malcolm Landgraab walked into my game last spring, didn't do anything to get the guy there but I did get an announcement that I had bought his lot, which I had not.

I believe the games 'leak' a bit between players as there are interactions with other players through parties and visiting their houses. (For example you might see doubles in your heirlooms after visiting someones house or party.)

Since I got the notification that I bought the lot, I guess that one of my in-game friends or party friends bought the lot and I ended with the notification and Malcolm. I actually bought the Landgraab lot like a month after.

I have bought Edgewater but no Valentina or Sunny in my game. At some point I'll buy Eco lot but to be seen if Knox shows up.

Better luck with Knox hunting! Standard smile
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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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Good luck trying to find him, @7007Nyxx. I’ve had a few visitors to my game, including most recently Valentina, and I also had Wumples and Patty drop by once or twice, but I couldn’t interact with those particular two. The program just said they were busy. Still it was a thrill!
The Landgraab guy visited me a long time ago and I married him for lack of other valid NPCs to marry (all mine are elders - it’s a bug) But I’ve never seen Knox. Not yet! Thanks for starting this very important quest. I agree! Anyone who values him as much as you do definitely deserves to have him! Good luck!
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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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Think EA team is depriving TRUE LOYAL SIMMERS!!!  We need ...NEED... our fav pre-made sim available to us !!!


I've personally had Landgraab ...Valentina ...even Sunny pay a visit n interaction was good ... made them house members...even had 2 versions of Bella ...she's like a icon of sims game franchise 


But I think.Patty is sooo adorable n ive seen other players try their damnest to replicate the STS team n they did damn good job ...  THAT person right there is a loyal sim mobile player n we all should be able to have our fav pre-made sims


Never seen wumples or izzy ..even that cute lama zoom girl ... her hair is wanted by many players lol...


I can not be the only one who notices ALL the stuff they put into the sims mobile that CAME FROM SIMS 4 ...

Soooo why not give us more favorable characters ...balconies... pools ... etc..etc .. 


Thanks for the compassion that we share on sims mobile n the frustration n gray hairs it gives many players 





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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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I do whole heartedly agree w/you n your theories... ive has Sunny show up for no reason at all ... never at that moment even upgrades my floor builds ... 


Valentina is not shy ...she showed up even before I even thought about buying her house n I do agree sometimes the glitches are in our favor. 


For the life of me tho ... can't figure out what the deal Is w/my MOST WANTED sim... 


I think there should be a spot or 2 that CONSISTENTLY spawns new townies n even our favorites ... there are too many old townies that u can do absoulty nothing w/them n that too is frustrating especially when players are looking for new relationships/stories ....


EA is beyond rich n should give more to.the players who play regardless of difficulties n expense ...

Idk jus a thought n how my brain works 😊😊


You EVER come across knox or find out the secret please pass it to me lol 😆🤣😎

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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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@7007NyxxYou really have your finger on the pulse of many of the things I think a lot of us love about being Simmers. There’s so much about it that’s great - the parties, the decorating, the little family you can have, and a lot of the writing is not only quick witted but also absolutely hilarious.
I, too, hope EA is sensitive to the amount of time and money some of us put into this and how important it is to us to be treated with fairness and respect. I hope they respond to the great need there is in Sims Mobile for more technical improvements.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and understanding @7007Nyxx. I’m sure I’m not the only one to appreciate it.👍😃 Oh, and if I Ever am slipped the answer to the mystery of the whereabouts of the elusive Knox I will let you know first!

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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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One of my sims married Valentina & currently she's a playable sim in my game.


I bought the Edge water property & that's how my sim met her.


I'll keep a look out for Knox...




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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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@7007Nyxx As a newer person to Sims period, and I have Sims Mobile, I really have no idea what you guys are talking about, but if you want to meet Dean Winchester from Supernatural, I created him and he will gladly go to your party; however, he is married to my Sims. LOL 😂
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Re: What the secret to finding knox

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@AmySupFanKnox is a character in the game. He manages the Eco Workshop, where you can go and create special items. You should go check it out.👍

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