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Wedding Quest walkthrough

by Phantomlover1717

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Wedding Quest walkthrough

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Re: Wedding Quest walkthrough

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The wedding quest has three events that will give you special items:



Event Item
Something new event at the Fashion Studio Top hat
Do you take this menu? event at the restaurant Two different type of dishes  and dessert (looks like cake)
A night to barely remember event at the Night club Disco ball


Sorry I don't have screenshots in English. Hope this is easy to understand.

Here's an example, the top hat from the event at the Fashion studio.  You get one hat and 115 stars when you succeed at risky events. It costs 3 energy points to get one hat. Then you can use the hats to complete actions during the same event. The hats you don't use will disappear.




These are the items from the event at the restaurant:


The Sims_2019-05-22-18-08-12.png


Finally the disco ball that you get at the Night club:


The Sims_2019-05-23-06-33-11.png


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Betreff: Wedding Quest walkthrough

★★★★★ Guide
@Phantomlover1717 Ty ..need to make it again on my newb account and forgot how it was lol 😂💖
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