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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

by CharlieDaisy12

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Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

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I’ve been playing The Sims Mobile for almost a year now, and recently started a new game by accident.🤦‍♀️😏 As it turns out I’m thoroughly enjoying playing it a second time, though, because I get to do things so differently and not make the mistakes I did the first time. So I thought I’d share some tips I’ve used along the way I wish I’d known the first time. Just because it’s fun to do!

Here they are:


1.  Try to pay attention to the outside front of your house as soon as possible, because you will be spending a lot of time there beginning hangouts. A really easy way to make a fabulous entrance is to remove the middle room in your house and keep the two side rooms intact, creating a courtyard you can decorate. 

2.  Upgrade your energy replenishing bathroom/bedroom items as soon as possible. It lets you play longer repeatedly, not just when you buy cupcakes. I would say it’s more important to do this than to buy a bathtub right away, which only replenishes energy I think every day and a half. 

3.  Try to get that Eco Trophy. It gives you unlimited 100 party points with no cool down period. Assuming you have enough party cake this means you could literally level a party to 10 all by yourself in minutes.😛😉


4.  You need an open Sim slot to ask another Sim to move in, but you don’t have to keep it open for the request to remain active. I had long filled my slot when suddenly days later the Sim I wanted became available. Luckily I had another Sim ready for retirement and was able to accept the offer right away. Now I plan it that way so I’m not waiting with no 4th Sim to play. 

5.  Promoting your children with the Good Upbringing Bonus (earned at an event every morning) gives you a huge advantage throughout their lives. They are faster and more efficient at everything they do. And I notice it. If you’re not liking the way they look you can alter that at any time once they’re promoted. You can even change them from male to female apparently. 


6.   This could be controversial, but I would say if you’re going to spend money on packs, look at the ones offered to you in the first 30 levels of play. This is when you get 2 to 10 times the value of Sim Cash and Simoleons you would if purchased directly from the store, so it’s money wisely spent. 

7.  Dont sweat pickpockets. They’re everywhere, they can only steal so much, they can’t steal Sim Cash, and constantly checking your contacts to find out who is and who isn’t gets to be no fun. DO check your contacts at some point, though. I married one in my first game!😱🤦‍♀️ 

8. Don’t give up your original A La Mode dining set. You can use the fridge to serve a meal (make sure all your counters are covered and you’re using the original chairs), then invite three other Sims over for dinner. Your own Sims can join you even if at an event. Kinda fun.😊

9.  Take screenshots before buying and look at pack merchandise online. There’s a lot of great people who post videos showing all the merchandise in action so you can really decide if you want it. And taking pictures of outfits, for example, is an old stylist trick that is known to improve choices. You’d be amazed at how much more a picture tells you than looking directly at something. Can’t tell you why, just that it’s true.🤷‍♀️😊


10. 10 seems like a good number so this will be my last one.  At a certain point, maybe 5 to 7 land expansions in, it is cheaper to go up than out. And with each new floor level you get a free room which can be moved to any level to use. You also get a free room every time you unlock a new room shape.
So happy Simming!!! The only other thing I would say is do what makes you happy. Don't slave away building up your party and ‘levelling up’ items in events if you don’t want to. There’s no right way to play the game. Oh wait. Yes there is. Just have fun! It’s a great game!😃😃😃


P.S. I lied.😝 One more important thing. You need an Illuminated wall to have other Sims in your hot tub. You will be offered one with the hot tub, but you can only buy one thing at a time. And the Pachira trees and fish tanks are really beautiful. I can’t say the same for the groundhog enclosure but see what you think!


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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

@CharlieDaisy12 These are all good ideas, thank you for sharing them!

The only thing I can think to add right now is this:
When it comes to new story quests that become available, don't worry so much about wedding and baby quests at the beginning. Save your time and energy on the career quests that come up early, but if you don't do them, they'll go away and you won't see them again. Like the photography quest. I think there's one or two others, but I can't think of them now. Can anyone else help me out here?
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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

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Thanks @CharlieDaisy12 for starting this very useful thread 


@thecakeisaLIE82 you read my mind! I was also thinking about quests that unlock hobbies and careers. Standard smile


The following quests are part of the level progression since 2019. They won't resurface if you miss them:



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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

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Thanks, guys!🤗
Yes, those storyline quests do come up early on, and they are timed events so if there are other events going on you really need to pace yourself.
I posted that so quickly I forgot to add the one tip that inspired me to write this in the first place!
It is the thing that has saved me from disaster on many an occasion, and that is the ‘x’ button in the top RH corner. Whenever Anything wonky happens, your furniture proceeds to make a very quick departure for the lake, for example, or you start a transaction you don’t know how to end, press that ‘x’. It is the closest thing to an undo button that we have!
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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

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@CharlieDaisy12    #8, wish I knew this too!!  I just took my set out of storage. Thanks!

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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

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That you can do the 'Begin a friendship' for a short event in 30 secs by using 6 energy and you don't have to choose a friendship story after it. This is handy when Wumples needs short events or Llama Zooms where you need any short events or short relationship events.


btw, If you have the pickpocket trait it gives you few simoleons a day if you do the 'check for simoleons' action in events. It doesn't steal your or other player's simoleons. Standard smile

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Re: Things I wish I’d known before starting The Sims Mobile

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★★ Guide

 @Brynlee0915 You’re welcome! I was thrilled to find out about that online, too. @Ilois4 Thank you for the clarification. Good to know!👍😊

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