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The sims mobile tales from the script

by Brynlee0915

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The sims mobile tales from the script

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Hello fellow sims!  I was wondering if anyone has advice or tips for the Tales from the Script, A Writing Hobby Story.  Is there an order of activities to complete to be more successful?  I find I often get my sim off track which makes it difficult to complete a risky task.  I would love to hear any feedback anyone may want to share!  Tips on activities during the different story chapters? P.S. What does creating story beats mean? Form a Farce?  Thanks, Simmers!!! Standard smile

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Re: The sims mobile tales from the script

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Hi @Brynlee0915  Standard smile


In general I would suggest to choose traits for your Sims according to the hobby or career they have. Also making them wear an Izzy item with the same boost as one of their traits is good. Traits boosts shorten the duration of events.


@Phantomlover1717 has made a very useful guide to heirlooms and traits. You can find it on her website here: 


Another thing is purchasing the headstart items that you unlock when you advance in a hobby or career.

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