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The item limit message you are getting should be related to the items placed in your house, not stored in the inventory. Placing some objects in your inventory should allow you to place others.

As having the option to sell objects wouldn't change this, please, let's keep this thread about selling objects. For the item limit, we have this thread, feel free to join!:


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I see that this was answered in July, but yes it would really make sense to sell furniture, maybe not for full price - but it would be easier to renovate and change styles which is a lot of the fun!

Same goes to the baby thing, the interactions doesn’t lead to much and the toddler just walks around alone and doesn’t even play with the toys. That’s a lot of the fun too - relationships and growth. But hey, it’s just a mobile game.
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Re: The sims mobile

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I 100% agree! There should be sims Garage sales as well as being able to have other sims buy things off you. Please send the request on so it can happen in the future!
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Well, yes. While it wouldn’t hurt to get some money back from the objects I’ve purchased, it’s mostly because sifting through a massive inventory list is a lot of hassle. Especially since it’s in alphabetical order (not by room).
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I just finished the Market Fair special event and noticed it is all household items on the tables the ghost sellers have for sale. I think the game is trolling us at this point about selling items. 😂
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Re: The sims mobile

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Yes, there needs to be way to sell or even delete it. My storage is already cumbersome.
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Re: The sims mobile - Sell objects

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I agree 100%: Please provide Sell or Delete option for stored items.

I did find a workaround for searching stored items. It's much, much faster to find a stored item if you search Home Items (chair icon in build mode) through the existing categories (i.e. Kitchen, Living Room, Decorations, et al). Use the existing categorization system to find your stored item. It will appear with a description: "1 in storage," or however many you already have. Clock in your stored item from there.

This is also useful when trying to decide what item to buy to meet your daily to-do list. You can quickly scroll past the items that are labeled "in storage" and find the items you don't already own.
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Re: The sims mobile - Sell objects

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I don't understand if there is an (or was) an option to "destroy" izzy clothing, why not any clothing or item in home and get a bit of the currency back?  Would help my inventory and my sims pocket book Wink

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Re: The sims mobile - Sell objects

The option to sell Izzy clothing is currently turned off because it's causing issues. 


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Re: The sims mobile

What did the Studio say? It's been almost a year since this was posted :-)

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