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Ya I think it could be really convinent to sell old things we don't need so it doesn't take up all of our storage Standard smile
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I also would like to sell stuff. When you work a shift you earn 150 dollars, but most of the furniture/ building stuff is over 250,- dollars....

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Re: Selling Items/Storage Issue

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Another idea comes to mind as well, maybe give us the option to gift old items to friends? If I could give gifts and earn rewards similar to the party system I would at least be able to clear out my cluttered storage at some point.
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It would be fun being able to sale items so we can at least get money back
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Re: The sims mobile

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I think the question of why someone wants to sell items kind of has obvious answers. Selling them for money, reselling them because they are lower valued or lower starred items and you are moving up to higher starred items is obviously a reason to need to sell, because you don’t need the lower starred items anymore at all. The fact that there are levels/grades of quality of items means that the lower starred items must be sellable because it’s all about progression. Having them be unsellable completely defeats the purpose of progression. You just have a bunch of junk in your storage box that you’re never going to use. Because it’s not like Sims free play where you have several storeys in a house and many houses and nearly 40 sims. This game is very small, morbidly repetitive, and very limited. One house. One storey. Four playable sims. Very limited lot space. Nothing to do with most of the items because the game is completely task oriented and geared around only a few specific items. I could keep going on as to why needing to sell cheaper and older items is a question that doesn’t even need to be asked. They need to change this and they need to make the children and babies and toddlers playable Sims at least as much as they are playable in Sims free play, which so far is still superior to this game. They also need to add cancelling of actions; however, first, they need to fix the data loss that is still ruining the playability of the game.

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Can we have a sell option?

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Can we please have a sell button for stuff that we don’t want in our storage anymore and get money and sim cash back for it?

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Re: Can we have a sell option?

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Many people have asked for this, so hopefully, it will happen sometime in the future! We just have to wait and see. Standard smile

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Re: The sims mobile - Sell objects

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It is ridiculous to force you to keep items instead of selling them.  Not only will the inventory become unmanageable, after a while I suspect many will simply stop buying items if they can’t sell them.  I know it is definitely a demotivator for me to keep upgrading.  Already losing interest with this feature unavailable.

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Re: The sims mobile

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As you upgrade items, the old items become obsolete. I am quickly getting an inventory full of junk I don't want. Please up lettuce sell this back for a little bit. Maybe an auction house, for new players to buy them at. Don't know I'm just brainstorming.

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Re: The sims mobile

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We would all want to sell items because there is always quests to renovate, buy new items, upgrade the windows ect. We should be able to get rid of those unused items, even if they don't receive much cash back.
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