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If you hold down on the object for 2-3 seconds, the build mode will open up and the object will be selected. Several options in a circle will appear around the object. One of them is an open box. Click on that.

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Re: The sims mobile

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I just started playing thus game i created my sim and when i created ny next sim he got the job i wanted which was becoming a chef now i wanted ti know how can i reset the game to start over so i can have hum start at the coffee shop 2nd theres not enough energy and 3rd i wanted to upgrade my bed and delete\sell the previous bed also i was hoping that you can adjust the butt in the game. Now im still enjoying the. Game its finally different then freeplay but why couldn't the game be exactly like every sim game where things don't take long and you can do variius thing's without having to level up although i love tge idea of unlocking new. Things i hope later on it. Doesnt have a long waiting time for things to get done... Im playing this game until sims 4 for console comes out with more things... Now im disappointment about that too. There's not many interactions and the begining chiising traits man theres nit alot to chose from and i firgit whats the main one called but some people are good at many tgings i just feel you should be able to customize that or pick 2 and 3 or 4 traits. And 1 more thing sims for is up to date. Why coukdbt they be mire realistic with life like having thugs. Selling weed. Or. Drinking wine ligour ir beer maybe do freaker things make ut more exciting different and please add a story mode too. Before sims 2 you had story modes with game play and that was a sucess and. Sims for should be able to go on vacations and have different choices then what they have. Oh and can you make 2 different households in different lots and later edit the relationship for example. Your gusbands family including your own living in different homes but. Your still related. Oh and how about traveling through different lots during gameplay. To vist a family member or something
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Selling items the sims mobile

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I am wondering if you can sell items (like plants and lamps etc.) I tried but it always goes in my inventory. Maybe I overlooked something?
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If you hold it long enough the window can be moved. Took me a while to get it to work so keep trying. I was struggling and found the question here then went back to try again and it works yayy Standard smile
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Re: Selling items the sims mobile

No this isn't possible. Hopefully it gets added in the future. 


do not work for EA

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I'm happy enough to keep some things in inventory: the twin bed I replaced with a double, the wedding stuff I packed up to make room for a baby room, etc. I might want those again. But I doubt I'll ever need more than one stove, and I've decided I hate the way the end counters function in the game (they don't), so I'd really love to get those things out of my inventory, even if I got nothing for them.
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Re: The sims mobile - Sell objects

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I also want to know one can remove a wall or place flooring one square at a time
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We want to "upgrade" our items to the next best shower or toilet or sofa to complete a Home Collection for points, but the game forces you to keep your old toilet and shower and old sofa (that continues to mysteriously break every 3 days) in your inventory...Tell me how that makes sense. There is no motherload cheat in the mobile game, as far as I know, so we spend our Sims hard earned Simoleons on these items therefore we should be allowed to sell back the old junk for at least partial credit!
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Re: The sims mobile

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There should be an option to do so because a lot of the times, we have things we’re not in need for so we’d sell them to get rid of them and get something else that we would need.
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Re: The sims mobile - Sell objects

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Yeah being able to sell things back would be awesome, I would have saved up for a better stove I'd already unlocked because I certainly don't need two of them.
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