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Selling items

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Re: When will we be able to sell on sims mobile?

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@She_Demon0 Totally agree. I have also been getting an Item Limit warning due to excess furniture in the game and inventory and game has slowed down a lot.
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Re: When will we be able to sell on sims mobile?




SimGuru Alana replied earlier this week to my feedback about daily task of buying unwanted stuff: 


"Thanks Iloisa for this feedback, I often see players requesting for the ability to sell items. I've passed your feedback onto the team." 


So, maybe the option to sell items is coming at some point. If it's not for the next update, I'd like to just see less of that particular daily task of buying stuff. Standard smile


@GhostFreeek The Item Limit error comes from the amount of items/textures on your lot. Here's the error explained


As far as I know stuff in the storage doesn't cause this error but storage cluttered with unwanted items is annoyance. 

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Need to be able to sell unwanted/duplicate items!!!

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I have been playing this game for well over a year now and have stupidly dumped more money than I'd like to admit into it. Please for the love of all that's holy give us a sell or at least discard option!!!!!!

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Re: When will we be able to sell on sims mobile?

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I actually saw an older thread similar to this and it's 2 years old. It made me wonder if EA just keep ignoring the players' feedback but still. I really, really, reaaally do hope they roll this feature out soon. My inventory has a lot of unused or unwanted items that I don't even mind selling items for cheap.

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Re: When will we be able to sell on sims mobile?

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One of the most desired features since the start of the game. It's strange that someone created a Sims game without it.

I have merged your comments with the main thread.

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Sell your stuff

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Is it possible to arrange for The Sims, that if you buy stuff you can also sell it again. In other sims for the PC and game cube, that was possible. Only in this sims for the mobile it is not possible. Hope you will look into this and make it possible 

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Re: Sell your stuff

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I really would love to see (and I'm still holding out hope for) a feature where we can trade-in unwanted items at the Eco Workshop in exchange for materials. EA seemed to hint at this in their Eco Workshop Venue FAQ when the Workshop first launched:


Q – Can I recycle items from my inventory that I already own at the Workshop?

Not at this stage, however the Eco Workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to obtain old items from past events and make them new again!


That "not at this stage" got me hyped for a future where this was possible. I knew it wouldn't come right away. It's been over a year now, and I'm still being patient, but with the ever-increasing amount of "Buy 3"'s we've been getting, it seems like we're building up to EA/FM introducing a mechanism for us to be able to de-bloat our inventories somehow (whether it's recycling or selling). I hope the recycling idea has been floating around their offices and/or they've been working on this and it'll be released soon. It would perfectly be taking a page from TS4's book in continuing the Eco Lifestyle influence and I would love to see this be a reality.

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Re: The sims mobile

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I feel like you guys should add the sell item. because what if someone accidentally buys something, Or just doesn’t want the item anymore. It just sits there and we can’t get money back or anything. i think it would be a great add on!

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