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Re: The sims 4 tinny living missing pack

by puzzlezaddict

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The sims 4 tinny living missing pack

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I downloaded the sims 4 tiny living with the bund all pack and all was fine even says purchase on it but it’s not on the game once I launch it and now I can’t get a refund 

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Re: The sims 4 tinny living missing pack

@loveytayla I've moved your post from the Battlefield 3 forum to the Sims 4 forum in order to increase the odds of you receiving a solution to your issue.
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Re: The sims 4 tinny living missing pack

@loveytayla  Does your computer run the Legacy Edition of Sims 4?  If so, that's the issue: Tiny Living doesn't run in the LE.  (Nor do any packs released after October 2019.)  If your computer cannot in fact run the standard version of Sims 4 and needs the LE, you can request a refund from EA customer support.  This is different than the automatic refund process, which doesn't work for Sims 4 packs.  A support rep may be able to review your case and manually grant a refund after confirming that you're unable to play Tiny Living.


If you're not playing the Legacy Edition, let me know what operating system your computer runs: Windows or macOS, and what version.


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