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The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

by jennikuja

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The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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When are the console players really gonna get a playable game? Frown That's the big question.

The fix list was super long for this latest update and i was so ready for the update to come and start enjoying playing the game again, but still these main problems like game crashing haven't been fixed. Even if so many players have reported these same problems since this summer. How these aren't noted? I'm guessing they're fully aware of this problem, how could you miss this? There's super long reports of this subject in this very forum.


So only thing left to do in this game is play the current household. In every game day that i play. Go to work/school. Take care of your pets etc. basic things that you can do in your home lot.


You can't travel anywhere.

It's very nice to have gallery in consoles now, and for example download cool holiday homes to Selvadorada, but what's the point if i can't ever get to travel to my holiday lot? Really?

Before the last update i could sometimes even travel and go out for dinner or visiting some other household etc., now the game crashes when i select "travel" on the phone and i don't even get to go to the world map selection where i can choose where i wanna travel to. So it's even worse than before! How is this possible? Frown


And i would also enjoy being able to take photos with my sims families, but the game crashes when i exit the camera. (Sometimes i have been able to even manage to keep the game going by not touching the ps controller before i notice that the sims are not moving anymore in "slow motion" and clock runs normally. This was too before the latest update...)


I don't even know what to do or say anymore.. (Guess i'll go and restart the game third time. Played 1,5 hours for now. Restarted in every 30 minutes.)


I don't even wan't any more new packs or anything new content, before i can even play the game itself smoothly. I hope that they are focusing on the problem fixing instead of being active on creating the new content...


Sending all support to my fellower simmers, hopefully we get the functioning game some day. In exchange for all the money and time we have invested in this game.


(And yes, i have read many of these conversations and have read about clearing the cache/ rebuilding database / even reinstalling the game, i have tried everything but these doesn't fix this problem. This crashing problem is something bigger, something that player's can't do anything about. No matter what you try to do.)

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The Sims 4 on PS4 need improvement.

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The game on PS4 PRO run so bad, freezes a lot and is so laggy... It's so stressful to play because of this! Fix and optimize the game! Improve The Sims 4 on console please!


Also the graphic on sims skin is ridiculous, they have obscene skin details, low resolution!


Fix this!

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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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Ugh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! (well not glad, but you know what I mean).


I'm not completely sure which update has broken the game, but it's completely unusable! I started getting problems after the update that gave us the gallery, and the update before Tiny Living has made it ten times worse. The game crashed FOUR times in a row yesterday, no longer than 10 minutes into playing each time Raised eyebrow


Literally doing anything will crash the game. Saving the game, exiting build mode, travelling, opening the gallery/library, trying to place a lot if you can get the library to open, having a Sim take a photograph in game, and leaving CAS all cause it. I played without doing any of those things and it still crashed after a while anyway for seemingly no reason Disappointed Everything is completely up to date so I don't see what the problem is. 


I've played other games on the PS4 and they're fine, so I don't think the PS is the problem Confused I truly love this franchise and I've been with it from the start, but right now I'm actually furious that I've spent hundreds of ££ on a game that I can't play, and it's worse that they don't seem to care about it??

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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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@spottyshihtzu So nice that you commented on my post! Standard smile

I knooowww..!! I have all the same crashing problems that you too mentioned in your text. Except somehow i don't have the saving problem as often as i have seen people writing about it in here..? If i remember correctly, since Sulani came out that update was the game changer to my game crashes. Before that i had a little crashes here and there, but even if there's been updates after that it hasn't been helpful to this problem at all..

How frustrating it is when you have Sims as your favourite game, and you have purchased all the game packs and spent all this time creating the worlds as you like them, spent all the money and after all that you can't even play.. Feeling so stupid, like should i have (note to self: you should have..!) realized at some point that this isn't gonna work anymore and the crashing just keeps getting worse and worse, and stop investing to this game anymore.. Frown
But i don't wanna switch to computer either, and surely can't invest in computer + all the game packs all over when i first have put my money to this console version.. When i started to play the sims on console i thought that my only problem was gonna be to learn how the controls work on ps but man was i SO wrong.. :D

I was so happy when the gallery was added and what a disapointment that you cant even travel to anywhere Frown You can only stay on your home lot, like how am i supposed to do wedding for example, on my backyard ?? :D And how about when you age your sims and spent a lot of time doing the hair and all clothes, then when you're finally ready and exit the CAS and your game crashes and you lose all..! My gosh. Then re-load the game and start all over (i now take photos to my phone so it's faster to do it again after it crashes..)
And i like to have photos in my game, like the wedding photo, and photos of the toddlers/children etc, or with the pets, but i for example have this family that has triplets, that i can't play because i can't have the stupid photos taken before aging them to teens :D Sounds ridicilous, right..

Me/we play other games on the ps4 as well, and we sure don't have problems with the other games. So it's not like there is hundreds of */broken playstations, the problem has to be somewhere deep in the game. Like somewhere that you cant do anything about, no matter how you try to figure out the solutions to this. And is it as simple as this game has "too much content" to be ever playable on the console?

Earlier i was like "accepting" this problem. I figured out some "tips" (like that when you don't touch the controller after taking photo -thing), also if i wan't to put some new builds i can't nowdays place it on the "world selection" but instead i have to first download to the lot, and then add the build, i noticed that this was crashing the game a little less, than just adding the build without visiting the lot. (and if you have house there before the game crashes if you try to place it, so need to remember to clear the lot first before adding the new house..)
And also before i could press the "save and exit to the world map" but nowdays it crashes the game too, so i first only put "save" and then "exit straight to the world map" :D All these little things you try to figure out trying to avoid the crashes.. Plus if you need to fix your house during the gameplay, you cant go to build mode and then back to play mode without crashing.. Earlier it was just fine to do so.

And with the traveling, it would have been nice to first play another family and go out to dinner, then switch another family and visit the vet or something, but you would need to choose cause you can't do both.. (I used to use the vet clinics, but nowdays i purhcase the vet table to every family avoiding the need to travel and crash)

I have read these forums for so long but haven't just opened my mouth :D But it's nice to have like "support" on the other players.. Standard smile

Sorry this text is super long, and messy for sure..!!
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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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Your post's not too long at all, I'm glad someone's actually mentioning all this stuff, I felt like I was the only one experiencing it!


I feel you, especially on the buying the console version. I just didn't think I'd be able to afford a computer capable of running the game and all the expansions and stupidly thought console would be a safer bet for smoother game play. Ha, I'm regretting it now.


I even bought the vet table like you so if my dog gets sick so I don't have to travel to the vet. 


Playing the game right now feel a bit like walking on eggshells, because you're too scared to actually press anything in case it leads to a crash. So frustrating.


You know, if I bought something from a shop that was broken, I'd expect a refund, yet this just feels like, "thanks for all your money, now get lost." Game breaking bugs like this should be an absolute priority, and it doesn't feel like it is.



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Re: The Sims 4 on PS4 need improvement.

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@FreezerSim Yeah, the gaming isnt fun anymore at all like it is supposed to be, its just a test for your nerves Frown and there isnt any good game days, just keeps getting worse.. I have noticed too that skin detail thing, in CAS everything looks better but in game its bad! I only have regular ps but the tv is good, and other games look so perfect with the graphics..
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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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@spottyshihtzu And then you just are scared when reading stuff like ”all my game save are lost” etc and fear like when is this gonna happen in my game? When there something goes so broken that you cant play your save anymore. I think if that happens im gonna have to quit the whole game. With heavy heart. (First world problems :D) but im not gonna start all over for sure if i lose all proggres from all years.

Do you have multiple different game saves? I have only one with 51/80 sims. I also asked today in other conversation, but how big are your game save(s)? Mine is 134,3Mt. I dunno is it super big or regular? And i have tried to figure out is it only made of all the worlds, like does it matter if you have many builds in the world of are they half empty? Are you any wiser than me with these type of technical stuff? Standard smile

I also cleared my gallery in December, deleted all the update loaded stuff that i dont use in my game anyway, but the library size was same as when i started, about 11Mt. Just tought that if that was lagging the game too but nope..
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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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I also just noticed that my conversation isnt at console bugs session anymore, it is now at feedback section..? :D game crashing isnt a bug or problem, its just ”feedback”? Riiight.. 

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Re: The game crashing haven't still been fixed in the latest update, why?

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I have 3 saves, one is a main save I used to play, then I wanted to start over with clean neighbourhoods without losing my families, so I started another save. The 3rd save is basically the same a the 2nd if that makes sense, because I'm sure I read that creating a new save can sometimes fix performance issues, but sadly it didn't. I'm not sure of how big the save files are, I'll have to check it out.


I also deleted all the pre made lots from the gallery and all the townies thinking maybe it was a memory issue, but it didn't work. Also deleted every other game from my PS4, which I really didn't want to do, just in case it was a storage issue there, but it's not.


Are EA even aware of this? I haven't seen it acknowledge anywhere really?

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