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Re: The Sims Wedding Quest

by Phantomlover1717

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The Sims Wedding Quest

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I spent 2 days finishing the wedding quest and I had 3 hours to complete it and I was on the final chapter of the event and had an hour left to go and I should have won the reward with time to spare. It was done before my time was up however I was not rewarded for the quest. The quest is gone. Chapter 14 was complete in time. My sims are currently married but the honeymoon bed set was not rewarded. Very unhappy as I spent a lot of time on this quest. 

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Re: The Sims Wedding Quest

Oof no fun @Kenzielou1999

I'd recommend contacting EA, see if they can help you with this:

You can do so through The Sims Mobile app.

- Open side menu

- Click the gear icon

- Click the 'Help & About' tab

- Click 'Help'

Your browser opens

- Scroll down and click on 'Contact Us' 


Open the spoiler for picture how to get to the 'Contact Us' button:



If you choose the 'Report Bug' option you might not receive a reply from EA. 


If you can't access the app for some reason. You can also contact EA outside of it.  

You can contact EA through this link:

If you want to do so in a different language you can choose your country of choice in the upper right-hand corner. 


You can also contact an EA game advisor through social media:

- Twitter:
- Facebook:


do not work for EA

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