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The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

by EA_Kipling

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The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

EA Live QV Team

Sul, sul!


In this small but important update we introduce Modern Luxe content; where you’ll be able to flex your inner stylist to make your Sims’ homes feel contemporary and glamorous with the rewards from our latest Sweet Treat Showdown! Besides preparing for Easter, in this update we have addressed a few issues as well as we have set aside quite some time to tackle the ‘Where is the Network’ error that has been affecting a lot of players. Thanks for sticking with us during the recent server outages!


New Level Cap Increase

We know you’ve been asking for a higher level cap, Simmers! Today we’d like to share the news that we’ve increased the Player Level from 50 to 60! What this means, is that now there are a whole 10 new levels that will continue to make the time you spend in Briny Heights enjoyable.

  • The methods of gaining XP haven’t changed – doing events, playing through stories, doing LlamaZoom.
  • The rewards for the new levels from 50 onwards, are now 5 SimCash and 10 Luxe Life tickets!
  • There are no changes to Lifestyle Levels with this update.

45 Degree Object Rotation

For the first time, make the most of your Sims’ space with the new 45-degree rotate feature in Build Mode! You’ll be able to enhance your building projects by freely controlling all objects for fine tune placement in Build Mode, which we know our passionate building Simmers to enjoy! The usual rotation ability is 90 degrees and this improvement will allow for more creative designs and attention to detail when styling your Sims home or garden! This exciting rotate feature works on most objects in your Sims inventory, however it excludes wall-placed or wall-snapped objects.

‘Modern Luxe’ Sweet Treat Showdown Event

Starting 17 March, the ‘Modern Luxe’ Sweet Treat Showdown is full of rewards that will make your Sims’ homes feel more contemporary. Your Sims will love inviting the whole neighborhood over for a lavish party in Briny Heights with the collection of flashy furniture and elegant décor to deck out their pad. Progress through each Showdown stage to receive:

Grand Prizes:

  • Floating fireplace
  • Water feature
  • Female hair – long large waves
  • Male hair – clean and parted

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Ceiling Light
  • Large chaise sofa
  • Outdoor reclining lounge
  • Modern double door with tall glass windows

Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Sculptural twisting floor light
  • Floor to ceiling window
  • Umbrella
  • Indoor pot plant
  • Oval coffee table
  • And much more!

For more information on the Sweet Treat Showdown events, check out the FAQ page.

Easter ‘Spring Egg Hunt’ Event

Celebrate Easter with the egg-citing Spring Egg Hunt’ quest! Hop to it from Wednesday 8 April, you’ll need to find all the eggs before the time is up! If you find them all AND complete all the tasks, you'll unlock a giant ‘Bun Bun the Bunny’ toy for your Sims.

Wumples Wishlist Quests

Wumples is visiting from The Sims Freeplay to see what is going on in Briny Heights and has brought with her two Wishlist Quests during the Modern Luxe update! Complete them  within the time limit to unlock:

  • Starting 20th March - Kids soccor table light, rabbit painting and Fashion Gems
  • Starting 31st March - Ceramic rabbit, ceramic rooster and Fashion Gems

Prizes earned from these quests will unlock multiples of that item, which means you can purchase extra copies of the item for your Sims’ homes. 

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in AEST):

  • NEW Modern Luxe Sweet Treat Showdown: 15-day event starting 17th March
  • NEW Wumples Wishlist Quest: 7-day event starting 20th March
  • NEW Wumples Wishlist Quest: 7-day event starting 31st March
  • Spring Egg Hunt Quest: 6-day event starting 8th April

We’ve also made a number of game improvements, based on your feedback. Here are some notes from our developers: 

  • Some save issues that result in a "Where's the Network?" error are now fixed, but we’re still continuing our efforts to resolve this overall
  • The in-game camera will now stay consistent after each round during the Sweet Treat Showdown events!
  • Plumbobs on Sim’s heads are now visible during nighttime
  • ‘Nice 'n Cozy’ Sweater and ‘Kinesthetic Aesthetic Jacket’ now work with larger body types
  • ‘Mads’ Multicolored Braid and ‘Tip-Top Hairstyle’ have had their visual issues cleaned up
  • ‘Luxurious Hanging Lantern’ and Neon Juice light have visual effects again
  • Fixed pink spa water in hot tubs 
  • ‘Goth Enough for Ya?’ Chandelier and ‘Luxo-Lattice’ Ceiling Lamp now position properly with high objects
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

★★ Novice

Help me please.... My game got reset own its own, its its shows the first sentence of the game related to the house, "so that's why it was mentioned charming upper fixer". I'm really feeling bad that I'm crying since last three days. I'm not able to figure out what the issue is. I tried to report too but still don't know if my report is sent or not. Everything is gone... Its just the layout of my main house there with wallpapers and floor. In the elders I had two original sims, now one of them is gone and the whole lineage disappeared. Even whatever rewards I had won like the bubble maker pot, swimming poo, fire place, rugs, fishtank, hamster, everything disappeared. Please help me. I tried creating a new sim but I don't think I can do it. Please please help me out please. My player id is - 1003074846472

Guys please help me out please :-(

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Expert

Thanks for this super comprehensive post! Can't wait for the Spring Egg Hunt & see something new gameplay here!

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020



The best thing at this time is to contact an EA game advisor about this issue. 

You can do so through The Sims Mobile app. First things first, write down your Player ID or take a screenshot of it.

- Open side menu

- Click the gear icon

- Click the 'Help & About' tab

- Click 'Help'

Your browser opens

- Scroll down and click on 'Contact Us' 


Open the spoiler for picture how to get to the 'Contact Us' button:



The EA game advisor might ask you to perform a couple of troubleshooting steps you can find over here for Apple or Android. You can try those before contacting them, or while you're waiting on a reply.

If you're asked to clear data or reinstall the app, make sure your app is being back-upped to the App store or EA account.
The backup options might have turned off during a previous update. Your app will reset, but after creating a Sim you should get the popup to restore from the cloud. 


An image in the spoiler on where to find the backup options:


If you choose the 'Report Bug' option you might not receive a reply from EA. 

Due to the pandemic EA support has changed a little, please read:

If you can't access the app for some reason. You can also contact EA outside of it.  

You can contact EA through this link:

If you want to do so in a different language you can choose your country of choice in the upper right-hand corner. 


You can also contact an EA game advisor through social media:

- Twitter:
- Facebook:


do not work for EA

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

★★★★ Apprentice

next update suggestions. 


- can each wall in one room be a different wallpaper? 

- can we format our own rooms? still following the grid but make different shapes, other than the ones we already have 

- can there be one day a month that the cost of everything is discounted? 

- pets! for months a majority of us have been wanting pets. a pet llama would be a dream animal since it is iconic in TSM

- glass ceilings 

- a majority of us would appreciate house levels, second floor third floors, cellars 

- if STS is going to continue, can you make the golden ticket cheaper? 5$? 7$? although i am a loyal player, i’d rather not dump all my money in a virtual game considering the reset button is an active glitch happening to many!

- cultural hairstyles WITHOUT PURCHASING PACKS. i’ve been sensing racism with this being long ongoing. 

- a retirement home

- a social aspect other than glitchy parties where guests disappear! a social sim profile. to send stickers and gifts and CHAT PRIVATELY. a photo gallery of when sims unexpectedly take their own selfies while players are away from the game!

- new styles in clothing and furniture please. hippie & vintage and punk & rock etc. longer curtains and light switches pls & “air control” such as fans & heaters, trash cans 

- can washing machines and dryers JUST BE PURCHASABLE WITHOUT BEING WON?! i was unable to afford to complete the events in order to win them. 

- can you re-implement the llama zoom truck rewards please? so many of us are struggling to expand land and purchase items in the game that concern llama tokens for the fact that they take hours to come across

- we would love to see changes in weather, especially within the districts of the game 

- hands down, we would all love to have more playable sims 

- new interior and exterior designs for both floors and walls, and again glass ceilings please 



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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020




Very good suggestions 😊👍


Maybe you haven't noticed but it is possible to choose a wallpaper for each wall individually. This works both for outdoors and indoors. There  is a button on the bottom of the screen that you can tap on and choose wether you want to apply the paint or wallpaper to a wall or the whole room. 






A retirement home is something we can create on any of the plots of land. Your retired Sims can live there for as long as you want 😀

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 No trabajo en EA.    

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

★★★★ Apprentice
@SalixCat thank you for informing me! that makes me so happy lol
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

★★★★ Apprentice
@Phantomlover1717 They really need better customer support given how expensive it can be to play this game.
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - March 16th 2020

@Vingedheart I couldn't agree more, sadly there is a large team that handles multiple games at once.
I hope the teams doing the first line of support will get more/better info so they can find everything very quickly and do a better job at support for this game.


do not work for EA

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