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The Sims Mobile Twitter Q&A

by EA_Sanah

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The Sims Mobile Twitter Q&A

EA Community Manager

Q1: What does the future of Events look like in The Sims Mobile as 

- currently, only two types of Events run in the game

- Reruns are unplayable by players who have already completed the entire Event


A1: Events are a big part of the game, and our players were especially upset by the number of Reruns in the last update. Developing new events and event types is very intensive and may take a long time. For now, the team is committed to improving the existing Event experience and making it a much better one. 


Given the large number of players playing Rerun Events for the first time, Reruns will continue in the game. However, we agree that the Rerun experience is not ideal for those who have already completed the Event and we have made changes to improve that. In the case of Sweet Treat Showdown, we have some changes coming for veterans/completers in December. If a player has completed the upcoming Reruns, they can play the 'BONUS SWEET TREAT SHOWDOWN', with prizes like exclusive color variants and bonus rewards like SimCash, Cupcakes, and more! In addition, we will not have any reruns for Treasure Hunts unless we have something new for the veteran players and completers ready. 


We want to state that this is only the first step towards improving Events; we believe this change (and future ones) will add to the enjoyment of all our players.



Q2: No new Relationships, Hobbies, or Careers added to the game in a long time. When can we expect new Stories?


A2: Thank you to all who brought this up! We are all very passionate about stories and were ecstatic to see that you all love them too. We are excited to share that we are currently working on a Story and your enthusiasm has fueled us to try finishing it sooner! Stories are complex because each Story is interlinked with multiple game modes. We need to ensure that it does not impact any other aspect of the game. While the first Story will be coming within the next few updates, we will let you know of the final release date when we know for sure! Please note that since stories are complex mechanisms, we will work on only one new Story (either a relationship or hobby or career) at a time.



Q3: When will you expand the Map in the game? We want:

- new locations and lots! (If you can't give us new locations, at least give us the option of using our lots for something else)

- new neighborhoods with different climates/seasons/themes in the game!

A3: The Map is the core of the game's framework and is vital to its functioning. Adding anything new demands multiple checks and balances; we are on the task! Based on all your comments following the Summer Paradise Update, we began looking into the configurations of a new House Lot. Since then, the team has understood its mechanism and will launch it in-game post art, development, and testing. While this process is underway, it will take time but, we will keep you updated about the House Lot and let you know of its release date when closer. For now, in the next update, we are adding a first-of-a-kind house in the Designer Homes Catalogue. Do check out next Update's Blog Notes for more information 


Concerning the possibility of new Neighborhoods with different climates/seasons/themes in the game, we are not looking at adding new Neighborhoods or seasons in the game but keep that as an idea to reconsider in the future. However, if you end up spotting some dried leaves next fall, then know that our artists made that change, especially for you all. 



Q4: We love building houses!

-       Arm us with better building features like balconies and newer variants for stairs, roofs, etc.?

-       Give us more modern-looking items to use as furniture & decor with more than just six color variants?


A4: We were glad to hear that many of you appreciate the Build/Buy feature in the game. While the fantastic house builds that some of you share on Twitter were testament already, the kind words shared in the Survey made us feel great.


We definitely want to enhance your experience further and are in the process of working on a newer addition to the BB menu. In the December update, you will find a brand-new jolly staircase decorated with festive tidings in the Sim Festival, and we plan on adding more items in the upcoming updates. Maybe a few updated down the line, balconies even? 


Also, while adding new furniture and décor items every update, we will be mindful of trying and keeping newer color options and more modern-looking items. You will find some modern and minimalist lamps and one exquisite, open fireplace in the upcoming update, so stay tuned! 



Q5: Pools, Pregnancy, pets! When can we have these?


A5: We too believe that these features could be cool additions; however, they are also very complex. Considering the number of things being worked on in parallel, the team needs to pick and choose what to prioritize. While we may begin working on these features in the foreseeable future, we are not taking up any of these at this time.



Q6: We want more CAS items for Kid Sims, Male Sims, and Gender-neutral Sims. Also, new hair types, including racially inclusive options and new accessories, including tattoos! Can we get it?


A6: Another sentiment that warmed our hearts was how many of you love styling your Sims and giving them different looks. We will be more mindful about the kind of Items that we will push into the game from now on. Your feedback has provided us with perspective regarding what most of you want to see, and we will try to deliver that.

A few updates that we think you all will like:

  1. Since you all showered Nalani's Tattoos with love, the team is working on more ink designs.
  2. We are investigating how we can make Izzy's shop more accessible and should have more information for you on those lines within the next few updates


Q7: Can we get an option to Sell the items we purchase? 


A7: This is an exciting idea that we have come across in the Survey and Twitter. Such a feature would require the team to put multiple systems in place that will have to run parallel to each other. Due to the system's complexity, there is a high probability that the feature may potentially break a great many other things. We'd like to avoid this as much as possible, especially as the team is currently working on numerous things (as shared in this Q&A), and as mentioned before, we do not want to over promise and under deliver. Nevertheless, we will relook at this suggestion later next year! Having said that, some of you further expressed that the need for the Sell Item feature stems from a Storage Limitation Issue. We are looking into the possibility of storage expansion with the team. 



Q8: Gameplay is plagued with multiple issues impacting social interactions and player experience, which have not been solved. What are you doing about this?


A8: To begin, we are sorry about this. We are dedicated to fixing issues and bugs and will continue to do so. For the last update, Eerie Autumn, the team has fixed approx. 70 Bugs, and we continue to work on more. Based on your feedback, we have identified the below list as the most prominent issues, and we are prioritizing them: 

- Party Chat not working

- Sims from family getting lost

- Sim Contacts and Relationships getting lost

- Sims eating food in the bathroom and not at the table

- Sims washing dishes in the bathroom


Every update we release a list of fixed Bugs as a part of the Blog Notes. From now on, will also add the status of the above-mentioned Bugs. Do take a look!



Q9: Why don't Sims have needs or emotions? It was there in BETA mode! 


A9: The Beta version of The Sims Mobile game included a lot of experiments and features that are currently not shippable right now, including Sims having needs. The original team tried and discarded several ideas before reaching the game design we have right now. While we can revisit these decisions sometime in the future, it would be counterproductive for us to go back to that format as it would affect the foundation of the current game. 



Q10: We want to be able to do more in-game such as 

- More playable Sims?

- New and improved tasks & interactions for Sims with other Adult Sims and with Children?


A10: We appreciate you all wanting to play more of the game, and so it makes sense that you would want newer things to do.

Personally, I find it exciting to design Sims with different dressing styles and unique lifestyles, so I love to have multiple active Sims. It helps me imagine a what-if scenario for myself and enjoy the simulation to the fullest. The team recognized that, and so earlier this year released a new feature enabling players to make Sims passive and free up Sim-Slots. These Sims do not retire and can be made active again. To know how to do this, check this video by Rachybop]


We are working diligently towards adding new tasks and interactions to the game. In the current update, we added new appointments in Daily Tasks such as 'repeat daily affirmations at vanity' and 'daydream at shower'. We have new engagements with kids in the December update, like 'Sing Wingle Jebs', 'share childhood stories', 'sing to sleep', and more. But that is only a part of it. You will also see some new flavorful interactions with other Adult Sims in the coming few updates. We are super excited for you to see them! 


Happy Simming!


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