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Re: The Sims Mobile - Introduce yourself!

by lmnmst

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Re: The Sims Mobile - Introduce yourself!

★★★★★ Novice

Hi😊, my name is CharlieDaisy and my in-game name is Didi. I am from Southwestern Ontario, in Canada 🇨🇦, and what I love about The Sims Mobile is everything! Exploring careers, finding out about hobbies, meeting amazing, creative Sims, competing in live events, and especially decorating!

Unfortunately for me I was so happy to play I ended up at level 57 (my current level) within a couple months and while Ive had an amazing time there are some consequences to playing this quickly I thought some players might benefit from knowing. One, I soon won’t really be a part of the “scene”, as I won’t be participating in live events or completing stories.

Another drawback I wasn’t planning on was that I was so focused on leveling up

I didn’t pay enough attention to building friendships and soon it may be hard to find real gamers as friends. I soon won’t have much to offer in the way of gameplay. I do have 50 friends but a glitch isn’t letting me know of early friends parties and vice versa. I’ve mentioned this in the thread addressing it so hopefully!!! that will be an answered question soon.🤞
I’m also having a terrible time with three star pickpockets at parties but I’m working on this by not wearing expensive clothes or jewellery anymore. I’ve lost a lot of money, and I don’t think that would have happened had I paid more attention to relationships. 
It’s also a very cupcake laden way to play. Thank goodness they don’t have calories!

Just some stuff to think about. 😊
I did want to recommend the leaf pile from Pumpkin Spice Lovers because I never would have considered it had I not seen it in action with some kids at a friends place.
So toddlers will play hide and seek, children may kick up the leaves in play, (on their own) and adults can have the cutest woohoo in the game (no spoilers!😊). I believe this also works during parties. Unlike the hot tub (which I also adore!) it is very discreet. They also come in green if you don’t want a fall scene on your grounds and they can be put inside. Nice to meet you all, and...
Happy Simming everybody! 🥳😊

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Re: The Sims Mobile - Introduce yourself!

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🙇 Who are you?


Hi All, I'm lmnmst a ⭐⭐⭐ Novice. Joining this Answer HQ in this week. Cause it seems the information is reliable and fast for TSM.

Pardon me, name's James (real one), 32. Maybe I'll use other persona like Luminamist

I do really looking for friends and maybe spicing it with jealousy of TSM content. Lol


🙇 What is your in game name?

IGN is ias


🙇 What country are you from?

Greetings from Indonesia of South East Asia at North of Aussie.


🙇 Do you play more Sims games?

I'm playing The Sims from SimCity 3000 back in win 98. Kinda struck by Maxis creation. The Sims 1 to 4 for sure. Last expansion I play just before the pets, the world travel I Think. Never play Sims 4 since that.


🙇 What other app games do you play?

Penguin Islands, Cytus II, Klondike, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Sugar Crush, and other random games. I love games 🤩🤩


🙇 What is your favourite Sims game?

Maybe The Sims 4. The expansion is huge. But, no PC access for now. I'll stick to TSM. 🤭


🙇 What is your favourite thing about The Sims Mobile?

The Max Level of it. The exploration of the game. Lol also the struggle to get all of items


🙇 What level are you currently on in The Sims Mobile?

Playing TSM starts from Uptown Industrial. So it's about a month with level 38 now.


That's from me. Nice to know you, All!


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Re: The Sims Mobile - Introduce yourself!

★★★★★ Novice
Hi, @lmnmst, I introduced myself above (CharlieDaisy), and my friend code is WAMAFD9. Great intro, & you’re welcome to ask!👍
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Re: The Sims Mobile - Introduce yourself!

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★★ Apprentice

@CharlieDaisy12Thanks. I surely read your post. And really wanna try the pumpkin spice (I'm on maxing it 🤩). I'm glad you share the pumpkin experience. If you not, I have abandoned that relationship.
Soon after I read your code, I've add it.
This is my code NWPEL9E.
I got really curious how to make sims sit while watching TV..

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