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The Sims Mobile Feedback

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Overall I love to play the game but now that I’m on Level 43 . It’s losing its percs.

Glitches (I MIND): Some of the career quest don’t come up/ items aren’t available to purchase. ( i.e: no quest for the surgeon career, also no medical bed to purchase to begin the quest) 



  • Ability to have twins
  • More options/quests to do with children
  • Town expansions/ ability to visit other towns with more careers and plots
  • Ability to purchase PETS and CARS
  • More Playable Sim Slots 
  • More opportunities to ear free Sims Cash

Those are just a few adjustments I’d like to see on a New #SimsMobileUpdate that I feel would make the game better.

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Re: The Sims Mobile Feedback

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Hey there @sgu7fy4cl8et 


These are some great suggestions, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback! I'll be sure to get this sent over to the team Standard smile


For any in-game bugs you're seeing, like those career quests not appearing for you, please head over to the Bug Reports section and create a new post there so we can look into that a bit further. 


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