The Sims Mobile- Bug Fix List [30th August,2022]

by EA_Sanah

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The Sims Mobile- Bug Fix List [30th August,2022]

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Sul Sul Simmer,


Emily and our devs have been working hard on identifying and finding fixes on a few pressing issues. Join us at Briny Heights, meet your Sims and let us know if the below-mentioned bugs are no more:


  • Instant gratification! No more waiting for in-progress transactions to complete.
  • No more surprises! Surprising Choices removed (on popular request).
  • Bake rewards in peace during Sweet Treat Showdowns!
    • No more losses! Vanishing SimCash and Simoleons won from Mystery boxes will not vanish. 
    • Claim away! Progress to Grand Prize without getting stuck at Mystery Boxes or currency rewards!

Happy Simming!


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Re: The Sims Mobile- Bug Fix List [30th August,2022]

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hey Sanah,

I updated the game. One day everything was fine. At the next day the partys of my friends doesn‘t show up. What‘s wrong with my game? Other friends don‘t have this problem.


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