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The Not So Berry Challenge Sims Mobile Edition

by Forestsky02

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The Not So Berry Challenge Sims Mobile Edition

★★ Apprentice

Does anyone know the Not So Berry Challenge? Yes? Awesome, welcome to Not So Berry Challenge Sims Mobile edition.


But wait, some of you are saying you don’t know what the Not So Berry Challenge is, well I’ll give it to you in a nutshell.

The Not So Berry Challenge was created by Lilisimsie and Alwayssimming and is based off of the Very Berry Legacy Challenge (no I will not go into detail about what that one is about, but just know that it has Berries). And the two key features of this challenge are

1) it has a rainbow themed legacy, with each generation being a different color.

2) aside from the fun colors, the main goal of this challenge is to get you to play other aspects of the game that you may or may not have played with.


This edition of the challenge was made with those goals in mind. And each generation (aside from being paired with the usual colors) is given one of the different careers, relationships, and hobbies. So that by the end of this you will have played pretty much all the career/hobby/relationship stories.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Sky, I don’t need a legacy challenge in order to get through all the careers/relationship/hobbies. I could just get one of my sims to go on the grind and complete all of them.” Alright, I will acknowledge this, and while some of you out there may not have had one Sim complete all of the hobbies/careers/relationships, you’ve probably been having your family sims doing those careers, relationships, and hobbies for a long time now. What makes this challenge of any use?

1) it gets you out of the rut of your sims doing the same thing every generation.

2) Accompanying the challenge is a story for each generation. That way your sims are not just on the grind to complete a hobby/career/relationship, they’re actually apart of a story.

3) One word...rainbow. You get to dress up each generation in a different color! How is that not a good reason to do this challenge?

Alright, enough talk, time to get to the challenge.






Basic Rules:
1. Each heir represents the color of that generation (i.e. hair, makeup, clothing, etc). You can choose to do colorful skin as well, but that is not a requirement (plus, sims Mobile doesn’t have all the rainbow colors in the skin selection. Sad.)
2. The color of spouses don’t matter. They don’t need to be matching the color of that generation, but no one is stopping you if you do choose to make the heir and spouse match.
3. You can also make your heir live in a house matching their color...again not needed, but definitely fun.
4. Every heir is supposed to complete their career, hobby, and relationship unless explicitly stated otherwise.
5. Traits are flexible. You do not have to give your Sims the traits listed below, but they are recommended.
6. Have fun!


Final Notes:
1. This is a ten generation challenge, and unfortunately there are not ten hobbies to go with each generation. So be prepared to see a few repeats (not all of the generations will have a hobby that needs to be completed. But again, complete each hobby unless explicitly told not to).
2. I wanted to include all of the career, hobby, and relationship stories in this challenge. However, I acknowledge that not all people will have, say, the photography career. And so I opted to stay with the ones that are included in the game. By included in the game I am not only referring to the ones that you start out with. I’m referring to the ones you can buy in-game with simoleons or life tickets. But if there is a relationship/hobby included that is hard to get (either you have to pay real money or you have to win it from a quest) then there will also be an alternative offered.



Generation 1: Mint

You’re a scientist that really loves the color mint. You’re career driven but still make time for geeking out with friends. You love luxury and want the best for yourself and your family.
Traits: genius, outgoing, generous, artisan
Hobby: cooking (does not need to be completed)
Career Story: Rumblings from the Deep
• Complete the friendship story Geek Speak and the romance story Soulmates
• Spend money on your family as often as you can.
• Have a family and choose one child (can be either male or female) as the next heir.


Generation Two: Rose (Red)

You had everything you desired as a child but you were always longing for more. As an adult, you had a hard time committing to relationships as you’re so focused on your career. You have absolutely no maternal instincts whatsoever but you still love your child with all your heart.
Traits: Alluring, charismatic, flirty, ambitious
Hobby: Writing or Internet Sensation (does not need to be completed)
Career Story: A Hand Knit Case
• Complete the friendship story Misery Loves Company and/or the rivalry story Old Rival (you can choose to complete one or both)
• Have over four lovers. Marry one and then divorce them on the same day. (You can choose whatever romance story you want to go with each lover and it can be your choice whether or not you want to complete each romance story)
• Have only one child by one of the many lovers
• Don’t level up your child’s Good Upbringing trait
• Only officially get married (not to one of your previous lovers) when Career is completed and your child is an adult. (You chose whatever romance story you want to go with the spouse you just have to complete it.)



Generation Three: Yellow

Growing up you never had a close relationship with your parent. Despite this, you have clearly inherited their ambitious nature. Alone in your room, you dreamed of making a name for yourself by inventing mystery cures for those incurable illnesses. And you will succeed. No matter what it takes.
Traits: genius, ambitious, talented, lucky
Hobby: Doesn’t need a hobby, you are focused on only one goal
Career Story: The Mystery Cure
• Never have any close friends or relationships other than grandparent from Generation 1 until the grandparent dies #is moved out of the household
• Complete the Friendship story Better Late then Never or Geek Speak with Grandparent
• Only start the Romance story Secret Crush or Friends with Benefits after Grandparent has passed away
• When you have kids, don’t complete your children’s good upbringing trait (you can start it just don’t complete it)
• Choose the next heir



Generation Four: Grey

You always felt that you were different. While the rest of your family desired to find healing for the body you desired to find healing for the soul. Becoming attuned with oneself seemed like the best way to go about that. You also love sports. You can’t play sports but you love to watch them with your best friend.
To make up for your nonexistent relationship with your parents you want to be there for your own children as much as possible. Oh, and you love to rock out on the guitar.
Traits: attuned, musical, outgoing, good
Hobby: Guitar
Career Story: Something in the Water
• Have three failed relationships before finding a spouse
• Complete the Romance story The Fixer Upper with said spouse
• Complete the friendship story Sports Buddies
• Make sure to complete leveling up all your children’s Good Upbringing
• Start friend relationships with all your kids (get all of them to at least to level five)
* Choose the next heir


Generation Five: Plum (Purple)

You’ve always been good at anything you tried. It’s hard to choose a career, so why not try a few? You started as a Doctor, but halfway through you realized your passion for coffee and quit your job. You have had many hobbies and are talented at all of them despite this you have a tendency to move onto the next hobby before the previous one was completed. Basically, you’re an indecisive oddball.
Traits: genius, foodie, talented, party animal
Hobbies: pick a hobby, get it to at least level five before moving on to the next hobby (do this at least three times)
Career Stories: Start out in the Career story Mystery Cure. After achieving level five of that career, quit, and start The Way of the Latte.
• Complete the Friendship Story Two Peas in an Odd Pod or BFFs
• Get divorced and then later re-married to the same sim.
• Complete the Romance Story Missed Connection or The Fixer Upper
• Optional: Completely demolish and rebuild your house at least three times.
* Have children and choose the next heir


Generation Six: Orange

You’re the black sheep of your family (but with orange hair) and you were raised in a hectic household. You’ve always wanted to cause mayhem, but you’re just really bad at being evil. You enjoy picking your neighbors’ pockets but you also really love baking for them.
No one believes in your evil genius.
Traits: foodie, pickpocket, mean, party animal
Hobby: cooking
Career Story: Out of the Frying Pan
• have an arch-nemesis #your best friend
• Complete the relationship story Frenemies and the Romance story Pumpkin Spice Lovers or Soulmates
• Optional: Live in a needs TLC apartment
• Have two kids and only those two kids.
* Choose one of the kids as the next heir




Generation Seven: Pink

You grew up poor and are currently living paycheck to paycheck working in the business career. You long to write romance novels but are too afraid, as your chances of making it as a writer are very slim. You’re very practical, or as your self-absorbed sibling would say, boring. Finally, as you garner your last trait, you toss your fear to curbside and start writing. You’re a hopeless romantic, but you sadly not flirty. It will be next to impossible to find love.
Traits: artisan, talented, good, competitive
Hobby: Writing
Career Story: Like Nobody’s Business
• Have your sibling live with you
• Complete the rivalry story Sibling Rivalry and the friendship story Geek Speak.
• Only start the writing hobby after you have received your last trait.
• Complete the romance story Romancing the Tomes or Secret Crush
* Have a family and choose one of the kids as the next heir



Generation Eight: Peach

Your mother always taught you to follow your dreams. You’ve always wanted to be a detective (or a doctor). You’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. Well dang it, you can do both! Fashion Designer by day, detective (or a Doctor) by night, you can do anything you set your mind to.
Traits: genius, sly, outgoing, lucky
Hobby: Yoga (does not need to be completed)
Career Story: Trending Now and Top Secret or The Mystery Cure
• First complete the Fashion Career then switch to the second career and complete that career
• Complete the Friendship story Art Aficionados and the Romance story Secret Crush
• Marry a sim that has who has one of the same traits that you do
* Have kids and choose one as the next heir




Generation Nine: Green

All it took was one night at a party. The DJ couldn’t come, and on impulse, you stepped behind the DJ board. All those lessons (or just fiddling with a soundboard in your spare time) had apparently paid off because they hired you the next week. You’re now a full-time DJ and dedicated to your work. But this doesn’t stop you from going out with friends and having a good time. You’re the kind of person you could get to bed by 3 am and still wake up at 6 am.
Traits: competitive, party animal, kind of a big deal, talented
Hobby: piano, guitar or cooking
Career Story: Remixology
• Have five friends and five enemies
• Complete the Friendship Story Soundtrack of the Soul with one of the friends and the rivalry story Arch-nemesis with one of the enemies.
• You must attend one party at least every day.
• Must complete the Romance story My Bitter Sweet Valentine or Secret Crush.
* Have a family and choose one of your children as the next heir



Generation Ten: Blue

You have the perfect life. You met your future spouse and fell in love at first sight. You’re now married. You have beautiful children, a beautiful suburban house (blue of course), and you still love your spouse with the same passion you did when you first met. It’s perfect. Too perfect. Perfect things can’t last. All it took was a simple misunderstanding and a rash decision for everything to turn upside down. And you will do anything to get things back to the way they were.
Traits: artistic, artisan, competitive, generous
Hobby: cooking
Career Story: A Cut Above
• Complete the friendship story Raincheck Please and the romance story Tainted Love
• Adopt at least one child
• Make sure to complete leveling up all your children’s Good Upbringing
• Due to a misunderstanding you think your spouse is having an affair with their past flame. Hurt and angry you rashly decide to cheat on them
• Find out that your spouse never cheated on you
• Decide what to do from there. This is now your story. 🙂 (you can have your sim hide the truth and take it to their grave, you can have a child result from the affair, or have your sim admit the truth. The choice is yours.)


We’ve now come to the end of the challenge and, not gonna lie, despite the fact that this challenge was already created, creating this edition of the challenge took a long time. I’d appreciate any feedback. And if there is a certain career or relationship story that you wanted to play but wasn’t included in this challenge, let me know I’ll create a new generation for you (with a new color of course). Don't hesitate to ask me if you having questions.


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