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Tell me what to do...

by 17gdi30g00pp

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Tell me what to do...

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So, my game won’t load for weeks at a time. I notice I’m able to get back in the game right about the time of new events or updates. I’ve reported the problem to technical support team but now I can’t seem to get an advisor to respond. I just paid for treasure hunt pack but I was asked to restart the game to receive it. Fortunately, after 30 minutes or so the game reloaded but my recently purchased pack is missing. How do I fix the restarting and loading issues?

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Re: Tell me what to do...

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Hi @17gdi30g00pp


The best bet for improving technical issues like crashes, restarting or loading issues for example, is to run through the troubleshooting steps available for mobiles. There aren't many but they can help to improve things. 


For any missing content, please follow the steps in this thread to get in contact with our support team asap and directly. They may require proof of purchase so we'd recommend having that gathered in advance and this guide will outline how to go about that: "How to provide proof of purchase".


- EA_Lanna


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