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[TIP - Halloween Haunt 2019] Candy Bowl

by dissenterjasmine

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[TIP - Halloween Haunt 2019] Candy Bowl

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Hey Simmers! 


I was able to play the first run of the Halloween Haunt last year. And, this year I discovered that the candy bowl we got last year when placed in our sims' houses still earn candy corns. Plus the new candy bowl we get this year,  these two candy bowls will generate more candy corns!


So, for those simmers who need more candy corns for the rewards or wasn't able to get all the rewards last year you may take advantage of this perk!


p.s. I already got the Horse Mask & Mr. Muscles rewards which I didn't get last year. Also I will use the excess candy corns for pumpkins, gravestones & fashion gems which some I didn't get last year.


Happy Simming!

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Re: [TIP - Halloween Haunt 2019] Candy Bowl



It seems we can unlock rewards again and get duplicates, not only the candy bowl but also the other items. 

Here's the gravestone trio duplicate I got this morning. Standard smile


SmartSelect_20191005-075653_The Sims.jpg


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Re: [TIP - Halloween Haunt 2019] Candy Bowl

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That's excellent. I would love to have four of those gargoyles. Does anyone know if the last years purchased cauldron pack were you able to place the cauldron on tables,counters ect? I bought one this year and it was only able to place it on the floor. I put out a bug report, and I'm just curious if you were able to use yours other than on the floor. Either this year's or last, they should both be able to be placed wherever I want them because the cauldron in the game that you can get with candy corn can be placed anywhere.

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