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Oh, then I totally understand your disappointment...

The reason why I persisted is because I could see that the fireplace and wood shed would actually fit very well with the style of my house. Otherwise, honestly, I'm not sure I would've spent so much on that event...

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52 boxes at 425 tokens = 22,100 tokens
24 royal treat boxes at 10 royal treat tokens = 240 royal treat tokens



30 tokens per event means you would have to do the events 737x.
369x if you run the two 6 hour events simultaneously.



I feel like they are sitting in their offices laughing at us having any hope of completing this challenge!



I am not even going to touch on the Royal Treat tokens because I feel I have already proven how absurd this challenge is without doing that math as well!



I do realize the major way to get tokens with this challenge is the Bake Off, but that is just an absolute joke! Unless you plan on spending MAJOR real life money on extra Simcash it is impossible! I get my chance of success up above 90% every single time and still end up failing probably 75% of the time!! And in order to get my chance of success above 90% I have to use up all my sugar cubes by about midway through the challenge. So every time I have to just collect and leave the challenge before getting to the major prizes, otherwise I risk losing what little I have won.



I can appreciate that there are no longer duplicate prizes and the overall challenge is cool, but we should be given 40 sugar cubes at least, they should have added another 0 onto the tokens earned per event and make the Bake Off just for winning the Royal Treat tokens.



All I wanted was the damn dueling braids hairstyle!!! 🤬😭

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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@kg122cin3h6t wrote:

Ok. Tomorrow I will finish this endless quest and earn the final prizes.

I was sure I wasn't going to finish, not even getting close. But yesterday I realized that I was at 80% of the quest, with 85% of the total quest time passed.

Up to that moment I used some cupcakes (around 50) and a lot of simoleons (I am level 50, with all land cleared so I have much more simolens than I need).

I bought 600 simcash and used simcash and cupcakes to collect royals, which is what I missed.

Tomorrow morning I will open the last royal box.

What I used:

Around 190.000 simoleons, I have 186.000 simoleons left

Around 90 cupcakes, I now have 29 left

540 of the 600 simcash that I bought.

I could have used MUCH LESS simoleons than what I did: i purchased extra cookies during the baking competitions, but it wasn't necessary: i opened all the normal much in advance.

Seeing back, it is also unuseful to make the special events: you collect so many cookies if you want to collect enough crowns during the baking events, that you don't need special events.


I WILL NEVER MAKE ANOTHER QUEST LIKE THIS. This time I was so close I wanted to finish, but next time I won't even begin. And even if I begin: almost all my resources are gone and I have no intention of spending money to buy so many resources as they are needed for this kind of quest.


Summary: I think that the move from the development team was smart, because I guess that many players purchased some resources like I did (I spent 17 euros in total for this game till yesterday and I started play in october 2018). But I also think that this was a one shot occasion for the development team: except the purchase, we also used all our saved resources and don't have any left to make other quests like this. Sorry EA. You won't get us a second time.


This was the most stessing and terrible quest ever. Never ever again.


I completely agree with all that you said.  I knew very early on that this Quest would quickly eat away at all my hard-earned/saved resources—SimCash, Cupcakes, etc. — not to mention my Sanity.


 I understand not wanting to give up when you are in so deep & so close to finishing and still wanting certain prizes so badly.  

And, I, too, have actually done that & even purchased the SinCash Special Deals with real $$$ in the past—-but with this Quest, it quickly very clear that I would never get close enough to these lofty goals. 


When I started reading the feedback early on about players not winning with as much as 95%,  and also the disproportionate reward token amounts felt far too unbalanced for me to continue with those odds.  

So, All I did was do the bare minimum, never used SimCash to speed up events, rarely used cupcakes, and best of all, I didn’t stress myself out.  Games are supposed to be fun, not become pressure cookers or so time-consuming that it interferes with real life IMHO 


The Halloween Event and the WinterFest Event  and  earlier on, the ASOS events were the last events that I looked forward to & really enjoyed,  I enjoyed seeing the timelines that ticked off my progress and knowing what I was playing towards.  The only drawbacks on those events were overdoing the duplicates.  I would prefer to go back to that format and maybe add jewelry & more clothing as prizes. 


This SS Quest had great graphics, BUT the actual gameplay was so confusing & drawn out, I’m glad I never went all in.  

The Grand Prizes looked really nice, but imo totally not worth all the time, resources or effort.  

The best thing about it was NO duplicates 



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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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Most noteworthy is that the fireplace and wooden shed don't include any actions (unlike prizes of other eatlier events.) Most expensive event was created lazily? just to get our money? 

I didn't make it because I don't want (and decided not) to support that kind of habit to make business. It's not all about money, it's about principles and respects. I understand very well that some of us wanted get grand prizes, it's definately ok. I  also really had to struggle with this issue, because I have finished all eatlier events. Sometimes also with small amount of simcash. Like I wrote: something is just broken. Everyone has her/his personal limits and get filled up sooner or later. Now it was just my turn.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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@EA_Lanna Would it be possible to get an update whether our feedback were looked into?

I for one would like to know if this is going to be the new format for events going forward.
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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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I'm disappointed I didn't get to collect all items. If all future events will be like this, I'm inclined to just stop playing. I've spent € 100 in game so far but will stop if the game doesn't improve.


I hate that each different color for the item counts as a separate reward! Color swatches/skins should not count as a separate item! We get measly rewards for too much effort and it's starting to feel like pay to play game.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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@Stevev363 Good for you!


General Info: 


Just completed this event after so much hard work, lots & lotsa simoleons (100,000 I think) & around 100 simcash. I though I wouldn't be able to get the needed royal tokens but by the grace of the sim gods I was able to with two royal tokens left after the last showdown. I think I lost 5-8 showdowns which made me lose royal tokens. Now I can rest. . .. . .. .for around 5-7 hours to play Wumples - Camo CHAPTER 3. 


Good luck to everyone who needs to finish this event.


p.s. the most expensive event ever!!! 


Edit: I think I spent around 244,000 simoleons, 100+ sim cash (I think I had around 153 at start of event) & 11+ cupcakes


p.p.s. EA please never again that we have to spend this much!!!


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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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Thanks for the post.Thumbs up

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Everytime I spend extra money in the showdown for the extra tokens it never gives them to me?! This challenge is seriously completely *!!!


I spent 10 sugar cubes on extra royal treat tokens and it didn't give them to me!!



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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

EA Live QV Team

Hey all!

I wanted to give you all an update that we really appreciate the feedback you’ve left for us. We do read it all though we may not respond to each piece of feedback individually, but we're definitely taking it all on board! 


Here are some changes we’ve implemented in the new round of the Sweet Treat Showdown:




Twitter Link 


And as you can also read in Ilya’s tweets, more changes are coming! @EA_Lanna has created a thread for the Sweet Treat Showdown - Charming Garden's feedback.

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