Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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I really wish they would slow down on these sweet treat events. It feels impossible to win unless you have an 100 or spend loads of cash on it.  Whats even worse is that, it keeps reminding me about this every time i turn the game on. Theres no x button either when it first pops up either, you have to see the rewards before you can close it.  Let's just hope it doesn't replace any more holiday events. I just havent played sims mobile that much like i used to because of The sweet treat showdown is being spammed to no end. I only play the side events really because i need simoleons like bad.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown not giving rewards

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Same thing happening to me right now 😭 SO DISAPPOINTED

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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Last time I played this event I almost completed it and the challenges were better and I didn't fail at over 90%. I also started almost a day late finished the quest and was maybe 5 away from unlocking everything. This time around I started when it started and failed maybe 90 percent of the time and didn't even get thru the  quest with more frequent play time. The challenges were completely rigged. There should be  another way to get chances at the challenges other than wait so many hours.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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Hi folks,


Closing this thread here to limit necroposting. It was opened to provide a space to chat about the Sweet Treat Showdown from August, 2019. We're 3 years on now, it's time to open fresh threads for current events and discussions. Standard smile 


- EA_Lanna


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