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Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★★ Newbie

I think the type of event is really beautiful and well done, but on the other hand it seems to be really difficult to me... For final prizes we have to get all 75 objects, doesn't it seems a bit excessive? I will have to spend my life glued to the smartphone without even having the certainty of completing it Frown

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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★★★ Guide

I think it's too much difficult to finish this event without use SimCash or real money...

Removing the possibility of getting duplicates it's a good thing but increasing the difficulty of events at the same time is not helpful... Frown


I quite like the concept but:

It looks like a Pay-To-Win event honestly.


It is not well balanced, there is too little time for complete the event (15days) or you get few medals/cookies from activities (it depends on how you want to see it.)


It would have made sense only if we had more time to complete it OR if the time available for finish the event was the same but getting more resources from the events/challenge.


Without saying that is another LUCK-BASED event, so.... 

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★★ Apprentice

Think a zero is missing on the amount of cookies you win or receive in an event. D  I have to finish an event almost 10x to make enough cookies to win a 1 box?  Um... oops.  Please do something for all us bored players quickly.  I'm on my 7th house remodel due to boredom.  Some of us are trapped in the Level 50 ceiling so please hurry!

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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★★★ Pro

This Quest = Tanacon 2.0

Just my opinion, I waited in the sun, I baked some desserts, and I got a sunburn. 😂


Edit: just did my second Patty event, 6 level, 85% should be able to make the desert, FAILED!!! Had to pay 100 SIMCASH!! I feel robbed, and all I was able to get from that was a stupid color on my lamp, and some guys sweater. Can I have a refund please? 

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★★★★ Pro

I already failed this event because I ran out of time—
It took me that long reading through these FAQ’s 🙄
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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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★★ Apprentice

This event has served only one purpose thus far, to line EA’s pockets. From a business standpoint it was actually very brilliant how they structured the money-grab. From a player standpoint, it feels like a kick in the stomach. Beside which, the “free” CAS items did not go out to everyone. I myself am missing the vest/bustier top and my daughter never received either of the items. Very disappointed. 

Update: As we got further into the event, we also got stuck in a bug where the task based challenge at the park became a timed event with stars above it. The time clock showed 0s and the only way to get out of it was to pay 30 cash. They got us coming and going. Will not be participating in such a costly event ever again. 

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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★★★ Guide

I would also add that the 5-round Challenge is totally useless, just a waste of time! Why did you put them? To prevent people from reaching the final prizes?


Even the choice to pay in cupcakes is totally a bad move. Those who no longer have sugar cubes and finished Cupcakes/Simcash can also quit the event because is impossible to finish without them.


I failed a round with an action that was 95% chance of success, it is a joke?! Lol


Do we want to talk about events? 10 hours of event to get a medal and 40 cookies?

What's wrong?...


Probably hackers who get SimCash for free and illegally will be happy with this event, while all of us who play honestly and fairly won't be able to complete the event and reach the final prizes...


I really love the fact that duplicates have been removed, but is not so helpful if the event is so difficult, and that's too bad because the idea of the event and the graphic are amazing.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★★ Pro

@ItsKatlyn99 100% agree with you. I failed at 85%. Patty wanted a hundred simcash. The only reason why I paid, was because I had 10 of those cookies, and wanted to open a premium box. That premium box only have the chair. I'm going to send out a ticket because I want the 100 simash back.

I've pretty much all the items, but not these particular ones. The only price was actually interested in was the braids in the grand prize. It's not worth it in my opinion once I did the math. Get only items I got was the vase in both colors, A lamp in two colors, and a stupid chair. Definitely not worth 100 sim cash. Most likely I would never even done it if it was in the Wumples quest. The sad part is I was reading that some people were paying 10 simcash, how come mine was a hundred? Is it because I had over 900 simcash? Either way I don't think I was ever do a quest like this again.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★★ Newbie

It is impossible to win the grand prize. Very little amount is given for each quest. Ridiculous!  If this is a taste of what is to come with new ownership then many will be saying bye-bye to their Sims.

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