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Suggestion for the (Bug Report Form)

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When we go to report a bug the form displayed still asks us to list "What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed?"

I understand you need to know this vital piece of information, but the game now has so many different Expansions and packs it is very hard for people with memory issues to remember all that information from top of their head. Its very hard for me to remember what each pack is called and what packs I have with out having them listed to choose from.  

Can I make a suggestion for the Forums to make a small change on the Bug report Form from having a text box answer to having a Multiple choice selection answer that we can just check boxes off?  

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Rif.: Suggestion for the (Bug Report Form)

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@Shanaya15234 I have a Text file where I wrote the Expansion/Game packs saved on my Desktop and then I copy/past in that box. I use the Forum tags.


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Re: Suggestion for the (Bug Report Form)

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@Shanaya15234    Hello!  Good suggestion.  I like the idea of being able to choose from a list.

@GiardiniDiMarzo   Yours is also a good suggestion.  I have mine listed in a text file also.  :-)

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Re: Suggestion for the (Bug Report Form)


@Shanaya15234 and @GiardiniDiMarzo  both are good suggestions! 😀

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Re: Suggestion for the (Bug Report Form)


@Shanaya15234 Great suggestion! I love the idea of a (multiple) radio or checkbox dropdown for that option on the form, with a 'select all' option also. 

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