Suggestion for new DLC pack

by Lofimarti

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Suggestion for new DLC pack

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So I was talking to one of my friends and I remembered years ago I thought that a superheroe pack would be so great. And I still think so. 

It's not something we have seen before, so it's really refreshing and I think if executed well, it can be interesting.

I would say there is a new world where we there are villains and superheroes. You can have your new alter ego and name it how you want. You can also make public your identity or not, and if not, then you can tell other people who you are (and they can believe you or not depending on your relationship) or they can find out themselves. That can affect the way people see and interact with you. It can also affect your reputation (that if they use the reputation system they used in Get Famous)

You can also give interviews and autographs to citizens and with this you can add the interviewer profession.

I also would love if for example we could have groups of superheroes/villains and there are certain requirements for each group.

Then I would say there could be "accidents" happening wherever we go (with the option of deactivating it) and we, as superheroes, can help. If you are a villain, then probably you were the cause of it or you can increment the damage by participaing in it. We can also add cops who can arrest you if they find you doing illegal things like this. Probably the criminal profession can be worked on so it can work with this pack.

I also think we can add a news center, and you can find new information on superheroes and villains, new disasters, etc, and you can watch or read these on the phone on the newsprint, on the tv or the computer.

Then, maybe we can have minions (that we can teach and then can turn into superheroes).

With this pack, there's also the perfect excuse to add the burglars again in a free update.

I think this packs wouldn't be for everyone but I know there are some things we can still use even when we aren't playing with superheroes/villains.

I hope the team reads thid and takes consideration in it and other people who also make suggestions in new dlc that they want in the sims 4 🙏

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Re: Suggestion for new DLC pack

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I like that idea but only if they put a superhero in that's more realistic like Deadpool. 

I remember the burglars from the earlier sim games. 

They also had burglar alarms. I used to put mine on the outside of the door so it would go off as the burglar entered the house rather then as they were leaving.


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