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Suggestion for more than 2 parties

by thecakeisaLIE82

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Re: Suggestion for more than 2 parties

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Hmm. I kinda like that idea. Especially when on Wednesday's I see about 5 parties being hosted by my friends.

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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Yeah, well, I think @ShaNoodle9 might be right about the party glitch. They've had plenty of time to address this issue, and they haven't. Maybe they don't really care about what we want or what would make the game more enjoyable as long as they're making money.


@SalixCat's idea is an interesting one, though. It's certainly an improvement over our current party situation.


Another reason I'd like to be able to attend more than 2 parties a day is that it would afford more opportunities to earn stickers. My sims are getting fewer and fewer stickers each week. I know I'm not the only one who's noticed the connection to that and the replacement of the daily tasks with those stupid LamaZoom tasks. And since there aren't really any other ways for my sims to be exposed to other live players, being able to go to more parties would help with the sticker situation. 

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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Folks, it happened again. The party I attended is now gone, but their system claims I've attended 2/2 parties. Maybe they could fix it so that when a party glitches and we don't get credit for it that we should be able to attend another party to make up for it. That would be the decent thing to do. 

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