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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

by wonderwomantbh

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Suggestion for more than 2 parties

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The next time you do an update, please give us the ability to attend more than 2 parties each day!


Here's what happened to me today: I searched through the list of parties and had to get pretty far down until I found one that had orange icons for any of my Sims. Lately I can only find multiple actions for only one or two of my Sims, but today I found one that had orange for 2 Sims, and blue for one. Seemed like a good find until I got there and found there were ZERO special actions for ANY of my Sims. That doesn't happen too often to me, but when it does it's really frustrating, am I right fellow Simmers? Later I found a second, legitimately good party to attend, no complaints. But when I got back from that one it was to find an invite to a party from a friend that regularly throws amazing parties. Everyone is really free with the stickers, people are chatting back and forth, and the Sims are always dressed really cool. And I don't get to go because I had already attended my 2 parties for the day, one of which was a complete dud. 


Why is there a limit to the number of parties we can attend? I'd really, honestly, like to know. And why is the limit so low? Also, it would be nice to be able to back out of a party, before you do any actions, for those times when you arrive to find it's not what you thought, or was promised, or if you accidentally click attend.


I can't be the only one frustrated with this seemingly pointless party limit. I'm hoping that if enough people comment their agreement, or post their own stories and ideas to make parties better, that it'll get the attention of someone in charge and we can make a difference. 


Thanks everyone!

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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Totally agree!


Yesterday I had my own conundrum. I went to a party thrown by someone on my FL - they are maxed out on lifestyle, their parties always reach Level 10 and so on. So of course I attended as I always do when I can. I did a few things, gave some stickers and then left with the intention of returning a little later when I had more time. Well, when I tried later my game kept crashing or white screening. So eventually I attempted to get it unstuck by going to a different party instead. Well it kind of did the trick just not how I wanted. It made it so that the first party counted as one of my two, but it wouldn’t let me return because I had reached my allotted two! So between the glitches and the party limit, I was only able to successfully attend one party yesterday. I didn’t even get counted for attending the friend’s party.


So, if they have no intention of raising the limit, maybe for server purposes?, the least they can do is get the glitches under control. And definitely give us a abandon party option as you suggested. And if they’re concerned about too much party hopping causing issues, they could start by limiting how many times per day a person can abandon a party for a happy medium.

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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The other thing to consider is that with more parties, how would fashion gem rewards be distributed? 3 parties with 4 gems each is a lot. Maybe 4 parties with 2 gem rewards might be a better alternative. For now, I would like to see an option to attend a 3rd party if one of the parties we attended has crashed. 

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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Or they could just fix the problem with the parties crashing. It has been brought to their attention plenty of times and they were aware of it long before the recent update. They've had ample time to come up with a solution. 

They're always adding new ways to take your money but are so slow to fix actual issues.


But as for the question, I don't think there should be unlimited parties because then they'd probably just take away the rewards after a certain number. But that probably wouldn't be so bad since it gives us more chances to socialize. 

My suggestion would be to up the party limit to like 5 a day. No rewards after you've attended 3. But you can attend other parties from people on your FL to chat, you just won't get any rewards when it's over. 

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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I love the idea of more parties, especially when one of the parties crashes and you lose all rewards.  4 gems per party is fine, even if we have unlimited parties because there only good for Izzy anyway and you need at least 500 per trip if you want anything good.  Also, more parties means we need more stickers too.  I used all of my stickers at the 1st party of the day and only 1/4 of my friends have been stickered.

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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I second all these great ideas!


Well, I think we should have the ability to attend any parties hosted by our in-game friends. I feel bad when I can't attend them especially when I have up to (sometimes more than) five parties in a day. Two slots are not enough, we need more. While we're at this party stuff, please also fix parties missing from the party list. Oh, and maybe fix/delay party crashing as well if it's not too much work. Thanks guys Standard smile

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

Well, I got ANOTHER party glitch today. I logged into my second party of the day, did a few things with one sim, went to switch sims and it was not available for me to go back to the party with ANY of my sims. But it still says that I went to 2/2 parties today. It wouldn't feel like such a RIPOFF when glitches like this happen if I could go to more than two parties in a day. 


Please, EA, stop the glitches and allow us more than two parties!

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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

Guess what happened to me again today...


Only this time, I was able to attend the party, it reached level 10, and then later it disappeared from my list but still shows I attended 2/2 parties for the day. I doubt I'll get any rewards from this party, so the party glitch has screwed me over again. 


I'm bringing this up again for a couple of reasons. One, I'm super frustrated right now. And two, I feel like if this isn't brought up again and again and again with EA that they won't take us seriously. We need to be able to attend more parties! Also, FIX THE DARN GLITCHES!


I'd like to invite everyone to make a post in this thread EVERY TIME they experience a party glitch or gets stuck at a low level party because they either accidentally clicked attend or because the system lied about the number/type of actions available at the party. Maybe if this catches fire and is always at the top of the list, they'll pay attention and see how widespread this problem is.



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Re: Petition for more than 2 parties

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People have been complaining about the party glitch for a very long while now and many updates have come and gone without a fix for it, so don't hold your breath. People keep spending money on the game either way and that's all they care about. 

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Re: Suggestion for more than 2 parties


I posted something earlier but had to delete it because it was confusing. Standard smile


What if instead of having two parties a day (14 weekly parties) we could have:
1. an increased X-number of weekly parties, and
2. the option to attend to a different number of parties each day?


For example, a total of 20 parties in a week. I decide this week I'll send my sims on monday to 3 parties, tuesday 0, wednesday 5, thursday 5, friday 3, saturday 2, sunday 2.


This means more flexibility and freedom for us to select the parties and the days we prefer.


What do you think? 

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